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Home Slice July 16, 2009

Taking photos of food is harder than I figured.  I have new respect for the beautiful food blogs than I read.  Some of my favorites are:

She Simmers

Noble Pig

Matt Bites!

I was pretty darn proud of last night’s creation so I gave it a go.


Whole wheat crust topped with carmelized onions and zucchini,  roasted fingerling potatoes with smoked paprika and Gorgonzola cheese.


Then I topped it with some greens dressed in Trader Joe’s Champagne and Pear vinaigrette.   It was pretty darn yummy, typed the modest chef.  The crust was too thick because I didn’t roll it out.  I tried to do the whole pizza throwing thing, also not as easy as it looks.

What’s your favorite pizza recipe?  Anyone try grilling pizza? That’s my next frontier.


Help, Toy from Hell June 26, 2009

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My fingers are sticking to the keys as I type this desperate plea for help.  My boys’ liquid timer, that I now know should be made illegal, broke somehow (no one knows a thing…) and leaked all over our FLOR tiles.



The tiles that I picked up from the playroom floor and put in a neat pile in the corner so they wouldn’t get ruined and we could use them in our new living room, yeah – THOSE.


Ours were not as cool as these, pictured in Ohdeedoh but still!

We soaked them in the tub with hot water and soap and it only dislodged a tiny bit of the nasty mess.  A tiny bit that is now stuck to the side of the tub no matter how hard my husband scrubs (well SOMEONE had to blog about it).

After some Googling, I am now well versed in how to get Silly Putty and Gum out of carpets but no luck finding information about this evil goo.  Anyone have any advice on how to proceed?  I want to try and save them as they are not cheap and I do not want the nasty blue goo to win.

Thank you, I am off to wash my hands – AGAIN.


This Here’s a Photo Post June 9, 2009

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I have strep throat again.   Seeing a specialist this afternoon and have a feeling I will be saying goodbye to my genetically massive tonsils in the none too distant future.  In the meantime I am thinking happy thoughts and taking happy photos “through the viewfinder”.



This little hand making art makes me smile every time.3573754038_2f552369e4_o

Turtle’s name?  Pickles, OF COURSE!


Edit:  Thanks all for your kind words, you guys rock!  The steroids and anti-biotics are working their magic and I am feeling much better.  I will be getting my tonsils out in August.  The doctor said it’s a 2 week recovery process.  Anyone else had their tonsils out?  How long did it take you?


Oh, Zooey! You’re as Cute as a Button. June 6, 2009

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A twisted little vintage button.


Do You Have a Dream Sofa? June 1, 2009

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I need your sofa help. I need all the sofa help I can get because  I am sofa challenged.  Officially diagnosed.

I have lived with many futons and hand me down sofas, I have appreciated them all but they were uncomfortable or stinky or just not pleasing to look at.  My husband and I bought our first ‘real’ new couch from the clearance room of a furniture store in Harvard Square about 10 years ago and we were so proud.  Then a friend mentioned upon seeing it for the first time that she saw in the print a certain symbol reminiscent of Germany & WWII.   Enough said, we’re also no longer friends but for a totally different set of reasons!

This is how that couch ended upcimg40357

So then we got one from Craigslist just as filler before my dream couch.  Turns out the CL sofa had some rotting foam that turned to yellow dust that I could just see being inhaled by my asthmatic children.  So that one also ended up on the curb as well and I went to look for the second ‘filler’ sofa.  I went to Jordan’s (never again) and got a sofa that permanently looks like it’s doped up on pills.  The cushions WILL NOT stay on and it drives me nuts.  So now we’re moving and in theory, it’s time to get my dream sofa.

We’re thinking about this one in a different color.

giselleminisofa.altWe nixed this one in orange leather because it was crazy costly.


Boy, they sure do look similar.  I like the 2 cushion look more than the three or better yet, one big cushion.  One big stays-in-it’s-place cushion.

So I’m sofa shy now.  I do not trust my judgement when it comes to sofas.  I read this post over at Fresh Milk Delivered Daily and it got me thinking I should ask for advice from all of you.  What are your dream sofas?  Do you own it or just oogle it from afar?  I’m not looking for a zillion dollar hand tied masterpiece (unless you’re giving one away!) but just a solid, clean lined sofa.  I’d appreciate any links and/or photos you could throw my way!  Be sure and check out Mollie’s Wordy Butterfly Mobiles and contribute to her dream sofa fund if you’re in the market for the beauty she’s sellin’!

Edit to add: Chris raised a good point in the comment section.  This will be in the living room, a read a book and hang out with guests room but not the primary lounge/tv area!  For that I’ve got my eye on a leather sectional from Craigslist…


Free Time? March 31, 2009

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Saw this over at WhatKnot, I did not heed her warning and clicked on this site anyway.  And a wonderful time suck it is.
I think this has potential to move beyond twiddling one’s virtual thumbs and into the realm of helpfulness.  Need to pick colors for your kitchen?  Pick fabrics for your quilt?  Need to paint a chair and desk for auction fast fast fast?  This might be the right tool for the job!

Your search colours

You pick your palette and it generates these cool mosaics. Beware though, when you copy it to your blog it will do strange things like not let you make a perfect rectangle and no dice when you try to hit return and loose the color strips.  Be prepared that your text will be inside your last color – like SO.  Click on the individual photos to see them on Flickr.
Still worth a peek.


Gift March 30, 2009

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I want to thank all of you who take the time to visit my little blog and an extra special hug around your neck to those who take the time to leave a comment.  You’ve often given me a boost, made me laugh out loud, given sound advice and you usually leave a bread crumb trail back to your lovely blogs and it is all received as a gift!

Thank you.


I broke down and went with the random number generator and the winner turned out to be my mom so I asked her “Before or After” and she replied, “Before” and so it comes that Kelly is the winner of my 1 year blog anniversary giveaway!  Her joke, for the record, was:

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Pencil who?
Never mind. There’s no point.

Kelly is a very funny woman, it is said and it is true, but lucky for her the winner was not picked by the funniest joke!  🙂  Email me your address and I will get this out to you before Jack starts college!


For your visual pleasure I thought I would share something that came in the mail for me!



My beautiful (and I’m talking outside, not just inside), funny, and thoughtful friend from college saw this, thought of me and sent it on.  I love it for so many reasons.  Primarily because it always feels good when people “get” you and understand what will float your boat.  She hit the nail on head with this one (Thanks dad).   You can’t really tell but the G has a little bit of cellophane, creating a “window” – love that and I can’t believe it’s still intact.   Take a close look at the little bird perched on the T, such a graphically cool card.  And Sharon also knows that my father, who I have the utmost respect for, served in the military and this appeals to my army brat upbringing.  It’s perfect on so many levels.

So thank you Sharon and thank you Facebook for reuniting us!


Pause March 17, 2009

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Will announce the winner of my 1 year anniversary soon.  Just as soon as I scribble out everyone’s name and find a hat.  Could be a few days.

In the mean time I am taking a pause.  A pause to sleep, a pause to focus, & a pause to hold the hands of my sweet ones.  Sorry I have been terribly bad about responding to comments and following your blogs.  Will be back into the swing of things in a couple of days.

Doesn’t everyone get the post-party blues?  I think I’m having the post-bloggaversary version.

Pause & Peace



Really? March 12, 2009

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Do they really need to include  instructions for how to sit in a bean bag chair?  What I really needed was a few tips on how to shove the insert into the cover.  I need a massage after wrestling 2 of those bad boys into their monogrammed denim shells.  Seriously strenuous.


Funny, I did not need to tell him how to do this:


This was pre-cover.  They ship them separately for maximum drama.  And that’s a tattoo on his foot just in case you were wondering, Egyptian god (all the 2 year olds are getting them).


The 3rd installment of giveaway goodness are these vintage salt & pepper shakers.  They are in mint condition, replete with their foil label on the bottom.  You know every day I post what I am giving away I have doubts, “Do I really want to part with this?”.  But I am challenging myself to let go of “stuff” and I have to say it’s feeling good.  So here is more of my stuff to clutter decorate your home with!  But I am having pangs so I reserve the right to break your heart and switch these out for something else.  Sorry!

But don’t forget to leave a comment here for your chance to be a WINNER!



It’s My Party and I’ll Blog if I Want To… March 11, 2009

Leave a comment here, or here-here come to think of it, if you would like your name to be thrown into the hat for a chance to win the spoils & glory.

More booty unveiled tomorrow, can not promise  glory.

In addition to a photograph of my Etsy boyfriend, I am adding 5 vintage sewing patterns from my collection to the giveaway.


For your sewing pleasure.


I would make this for you if I loved you more if I had more time (and skills).  Maybe you could whip me up one as an anniversary present or maybe, perhaps, a thank you gift.

For your records:  I am digging the whale.


I am always happy to find vintage patterns for little boys.  Boys (and plus sized women) often get the short shrift in terms of vintage.  So maybe you have a little boy, nephew, or scary doll named Jack who could use a cute little jumper!


I included this one because it’s my party and I can brag if I want to, but doesn’t that bow headed girl look just like ME?!!!

I am in a mood.

Keep the jokes coming.