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Do You Have a Dream Sofa? June 1, 2009

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I need your sofa help. I need all the sofa help I can get because  I am sofa challenged.  Officially diagnosed.

I have lived with many futons and hand me down sofas, I have appreciated them all but they were uncomfortable or stinky or just not pleasing to look at.  My husband and I bought our first ‘real’ new couch from the clearance room of a furniture store in Harvard Square about 10 years ago and we were so proud.  Then a friend mentioned upon seeing it for the first time that she saw in the print a certain symbol reminiscent of Germany & WWII.   Enough said, we’re also no longer friends but for a totally different set of reasons!

This is how that couch ended upcimg40357

So then we got one from Craigslist just as filler before my dream couch.  Turns out the CL sofa had some rotting foam that turned to yellow dust that I could just see being inhaled by my asthmatic children.  So that one also ended up on the curb as well and I went to look for the second ‘filler’ sofa.  I went to Jordan’s (never again) and got a sofa that permanently looks like it’s doped up on pills.  The cushions WILL NOT stay on and it drives me nuts.  So now we’re moving and in theory, it’s time to get my dream sofa.

We’re thinking about this one in a different color.

giselleminisofa.altWe nixed this one in orange leather because it was crazy costly.


Boy, they sure do look similar.  I like the 2 cushion look more than the three or better yet, one big cushion.  One big stays-in-it’s-place cushion.

So I’m sofa shy now.  I do not trust my judgement when it comes to sofas.  I read this post over at Fresh Milk Delivered Daily and it got me thinking I should ask for advice from all of you.  What are your dream sofas?  Do you own it or just oogle it from afar?  I’m not looking for a zillion dollar hand tied masterpiece (unless you’re giving one away!) but just a solid, clean lined sofa.  I’d appreciate any links and/or photos you could throw my way!  Be sure and check out Mollie’s Wordy Butterfly Mobiles and contribute to her dream sofa fund if you’re in the market for the beauty she’s sellin’!

Edit to add: Chris raised a good point in the comment section.  This will be in the living room, a read a book and hang out with guests room but not the primary lounge/tv area!  For that I’ve got my eye on a leather sectional from Craigslist…


7 Responses to “Do You Have a Dream Sofa?”

  1. Kindred Spirit Says:

    I have a dream sofa…and that is just what it is, a dream! I looked and looked before we settled on the one we have now. I wanted red…I got brown. But I like it, and it was a good compromise for Uncle K. It has 3 cushions but the cool thing is they have velco strips on them and they don’t slide. I’m loving that. I would not even consider a sofa that had detached back pillows. Try googling Asheley furniture. They had some really cool contemperary styles…and they are not too pricey! Happy hunting!

  2. cindy Says:

    OOh that darker one is best.. I can’t keep white clean for some reason.. I don’t think having 3 dogs has ANYTHING to do with it, or the fact that I am a pig.. ;oP I have had like 6 sofa’s in the last 3 years HAHA (none were new tho)

  3. Lauren Says:

    i usually reserve my lusting after for more animate objects… BUT, check out Jonathan Adler (reality TV whore) website…
    this of course is if you have a couple grand, or more to spare. Check out the olive/chartruse fabric. YUM

  4. Chris Says:

    “Reality TV Whore.” Haven’t hear that before, but I like it!
    Dark and cleanable. For the sofa, that is.

    And think 10 years ahead. Will this be the main attraction in the living room or will it just be a comfortable place to watch TV?

    More important, can it hide a small nation in its cushions, hence endless vacuuming, or will it be so wonderful that all chores will fade in its glory?

  5. I LOVE our sectional and love seat from Room and Board. It was many months of planning and choosing but it’s a dream. Very expensive though….and I do wish the sections stayed together more!

  6. melissa s. Says:

    Sorry, i’m no help. Ask me in about 15 years when my kids have gone off to college and I’m shopping for all new furniture. I do love your two choices, though!!

  7. becca Says:

    We went couch shopping and ended up with exactly one that fit our desire to a) not spend a mortgage payment on it and 2) have 0 back cushions . I didn’t want to wrestle them into place all the time like our raggamuffin basement couch. It’s not aging gracefully, and I am starting to catalog dreamy L-shaped sofas. Or a slipcover. I still have a gorgeous long vintage couch that will be recovered when . . . well, we also need to build an additional room for that beauty. Good Luck!

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