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Yellow Day :: Day 5 February 20, 2009

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And I think this wraps up Yellow Week, at least for me.  This week I learned that I like the structure of having a theme but that it also makes me a bit of a lazy blogger.  I also came to find out that I do not really love yellow.  I like yellow-green, yellow-gold, yellow-orange but not really yellow-yellow, public banana eating yellow is not my thing.

And to wrap up my warm fuzzy infused post I share with you my yellowish final entry:


I am counting her necklaces and scarf as having yellow tones.  Right?

This is a doll my father brought back from India for me when I was a little girl.  She has survived (not unscathed) many a move and I treasure her more now than I did as a kid, I am sure.  Just look at her jewelry, her chain, her mendhi, the fabric – she is divine.  I went a little clown shoe crazy today and took many many shots of this doll.  Check out my flickr if you want to ogle this lovely from more angles.


Yellow Week :: Day 4 February 19, 2009

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I do like to do drive by (photo) shootings.

I was on my way to meet friends for dinner and leaned out of the car to get this shot of our local second run movie theater.  It has just begun to snow and the light was right.  I love my new 50mm lens.


Yellow Week :: Day 3 February 18, 2009

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Ducks for breakfast?


Yellow Week :: Day 2 February 17, 2009

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Valentine flowers.

It’s Yellow Week over at House on Hill Road and beyond.


Yellow Week :: Day 1 February 16, 2009

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I am participating in House on Hill Road’s Yellow Week.


Yellow will be a challenge for me.

It’s not a color I gravitate towards but am starting to appreciate it’s cheerful pop more & more.

This shot was taken ttv, shot with my Nikon through the viewfinder of my vintage Kodak Duaflex.  It’s a process that is extremely satisfying to me.  Combining modern technology with the vintage I adore.

In order to make it work you need to shoot through a “sleeve”.

3202878716_f898fb0273I constructed mine out of cardboard and hella duct tape.

There are many more fetching contraptions out there but this one does the job.

Here’s a link to the  TTV Flickr Group for more information and inspiration.