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Paper Dolls for All My Friends! May 26, 2008

I’ve been feeling sorry for the people that land here by googling “boy paper dolls” and then they get a story about me calling 911 on my scary computer or my friend and her mean ukulele. So here are a few sites stumbled upon, searched out and/or suggested to me that may be of use to those, like me one day long ago, who google “Paper Dolls for Boys” and hoped to actually find some!

I’m sorry I still have nothing for those who found my site by typing in “The dum bum Elmo game” and I don’t even want to know. I’m also coming up empty for the folks who were looking for the “Jesus walking on water paper doll”. What is the strangest thing people typed to find your site?

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My favorites are not the traditional flat paper dolls our grandmothers played with but rather some pretty fierce 3-D dudes with attitude. ReadyMech is a favorite in our house.

The scarier the better.

The same guys behind ReadyMech make some super cool paper pin-hole cameras available for download here.

And speaking of scary. Haunted Paper Toys has some amazing free downloads.

was a big hit and so were .

And here is a site for some 3-D paper animals.

My favorites are the bat and the bunny .

And for inspiration, Tiny Buildings creates some amazing structures using re-purposed business cards.

Something else that we’ve done in the past that has been fun is to cut up photos of people from magazines and then mix and match their features. We usually stick our creations on popsicle sticks and have paper doll puppets. Wish the photos were not stranded on old computer. Will update one day.


Check out the link from Angry Chicken that Lisa from A Spoonful of Sugar left in the comments of another post. Also found through Angry Chicken, The Toymaker but don’t click unless you have a lot of free time on your hands, so very fun.  Check out this Flickr Group for vintage paper doll scans!

If anyone has any more interesting links for paper dolls and/or paper crafts please leave them in the comment section, Thanks!