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Raising 2 crafty boys and thrifting every chance I get.

Fits and Stops March 6, 2011

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Well, I almost stuck a fork in it.  But here I am, posting away.

I took a 4 mile walk this morning with a friend. It’s been ages.  Felt so good to walk.  To talk.  I used to walk a lot.  Like the kind of walking you do when you don’t have a car.  It was during the grad school years and I walked all over Cambridge and Boston.  It was meditative.  It’s hard to rush when you are walking.  Walking was dropped from my life for a good long spell but thankfully she is making a comeback.  So many things to see and shoot (with a camera).  I am finding new ways to feed my body and soul.  Photography and walking are a good place to start.  Manna.


Craft Room iphone Snippets March 5, 2011

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Got the antlers at an estate sale and hung them on my shelves.

Ring on antler from the antique mall where our booth used to be (was not as fun as I imagined it to be).

Thrifted wooden shoes with gourds grown by my father and tagged by my brother for my boys,

Thrifted metal tea set stacked on top of a thrifted Mason jar filled with glitter, water and a found pink doll shoe.


yellow November 6, 2010

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Noticed an unintentional thread of yellow in my recent Flickr posts.

It is not a color ever answered when someone asks me my favorite color.

Which happens more than you’d think since I teach Kindergarten.


Summer, Thus Far August 7, 2010

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All shots taken with various iphone apps.

Long live the iphone, best camera I own.