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Uh… November 29, 2009

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so, remember me blathering on about being too busy?  Well I didn’t.  My friend Hannah and I just went in together on a booth at a local antiques cooperative.  Zoinks.  It’s a good outlet, right?!!!  Like my etsy shop without all the annoying shipping hassle.

So if you are a MA person and want to check out our wares, drop by  the Massachusetts Antiques Cooperative, 100 Felton Street, Waltham and go to town.  We’re the cool booth (at least that’s what our mothers think).

Update: Here are new photos of our space.  We will eventually have vintage Valentines and other bits and bobs on that divider screen but for now it’s covering up the neighboring stall’s grungy screen.  One of the guys that works there walked by and said, “It looks like somebody lives there.”  We were pumped as that was what we were going for.   Second only to, “It looks like somebody shops there.”!

Short of buying it, we still can’t figure out how to cover up the neighbors art work on the other side.

The beginnings of our booth.

It’s not that fuzzy in real life.  We have work to do to make it more cozy and inviting but we’re proud of our start!

Went to the last flea market of the year in Rowley this morning.  SUPER SCORES.

Close up of the crazy divine fabric.

Salty wants you to SHOP.

These are rusted to perfection.

A pair of these for a ridiculous price.  They are NOT leaving my house though.  Not for a good long while.

Close up of one side of our “booth”.  We are working on some partition ideas.  Anyone out there who has a booth, we’d love any tips you had to offer!

Cheers and goodnight!


This Post Brought to You from a (temporary) Resident of Sickville November 24, 2009

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The quickest path to a blog drying up, imho, is having stuff you want to say but for whatever reasons you feel like you can not.  It makes it hard for me to shoot the sh*t.  Nothing serious, stop your guessing.  Just stuff to process that probably is not best done in a public forum.  How’s that for a juicy post?  Meh.

I hold out hope that I shall ride again.  When I was a stay at home mom, this venue (and the way it connected me to your blogs) was a lifeline.  It was a way for me to feel creative, inspired and part of a larger community.  I do not want to let that go but the reality is that I have to let some things slide now that I am working outside the home.  My friends who read this blog and who started work before me or were always moms with  paying jobs are smirking right now (Hi Kath!).  It’s okay, I deserve a smirk or two for thinking I could move into a new house, start working after 7 years at home, transition my youngest into daycare for the first time, put my heart and soul into my job (that I love), do wonderous things like cook dinner, keep up my Etsy shop, write a blog, read your blogs and have time to enjoy my amazing (and growing) boys not to mention checking-in with my loving husband who is my partner in this all.  One step at I time, right?

I should say that the reason I have time to type this at all is that I am a temporary resident of Sickville.  2 nebulizers, buzzing at full blast.  Turkey what?

So I am going to surprise you now with MORE photos.  Maybe I should just set up a link to my Flickr account

On Flickr, I named that last one, “Zipline to Heaven”.

I just reread this and I wanted to say this is NOT my goodbye, just a ramble in the wind.


Over the Thanksgiving break I have some photos of the craft room to finally share!


I Love My Little Boxhead November 10, 2009

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He’s got a beard, a shoulder tattoo, a flower tucked in his “hair” and oh so much attitude.

I could not be more proud.


Halloween November 7, 2009

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This year we trick or treated in our new neighborhood.  It was a totally different Halloween for us.  In our old neighborhood, located on a very very steep hill, we got very few trick or treaters.  We could leave a bowl out with a sign reading, “take a couple” and it would still be there in the morning.  Ok, to jump to new neighborhood in different town.  We had truckloads of Trick or Treaters, they just kept coming.  We had some smoking teenagers (and that’s not a costume idea) daring us not to give them candy and a grown woman happily thrusting her big a** pillowcase at me (no child in sight)- o  k  a   y, but most were decked out kiddos thrilled to be lugging their humongous bags of candy up and down the street.



The “sparkly dancing shoes” of my little skeleton.

My wee one in a hand me down costume my husband and I freezer paper stenciled back when we had free time.


We ended up not waiting until nightfall.


Potentially my favorite image of the night, boo for blur.  Not about to ask this unknown fella for a second shot, in fact I was rather pleased that I summoned the guts to do it a first time.


High five from the netherworld.


These are from my school’s Halloween celebration.


Good old-fashioned balloon shaving fun.


Someone ate the D.


Something tells me that toothpaste might still have been hanging out in the prize bucket at the end of the festival.


And here is my old Alphabet Sunday friend (we have to start something up again Lauren!) showing us all how Halloween can be HEALTHY!!!  Orange Carrots for all my friends!

Now on to Thanksgiving, ever marching forward…