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Oh So Purdy October 17, 2010

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Can you hear the pout?  I have written many clever posts in my head over the last few months and to be perfectly honest, dear readers, I am a little hurt you didn’t leave me funny little comments.   But who can stay mad at you?

Here is a little vintage goodness I present to you as a gift of reconciliation.

Isn’t that a winning cover?  The font alone makes me happy but then you layer in the ticking and the little shinny apple and I am pleased as punch.

There is nothing wrong with the back of this book.  It is perfection and I am thinking on an occasion to use this for an invitation.

Sage advice.

A happy thing indeed.

I got nothing but I plan to scan them all so I didn’t want to skip C.  I will say 3 is my favorite number. Fate that I found this book at a rummage sale?  You decide…

Doll a little creepy but the text more than makes up for it.  “No one has ever seen a doll grow up.”  The author has a good sense of a child’s brain.


I will add E-Z another time.  I actually have some time on my hands, shoving away from the computer to better spend it.

I have missed you.