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The Force is Strong With This One… April 29, 2009

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So this is not the Star Wars post I’ve been writing in my head for months but I wanted to document so I can remember.


Tonight I took a deep breath, reached for the Star Wars sticker book and asked, “Hey, you want to do some Star Wars stickers together?”  My son looked a little surprised and very pleased.  We snuggled up on the sofa with the sticker book and then he said, “I’m touched you asked me to do this with you Mom.”   It was a moment filled with bliss and love and victory and it was also a reminder.  A reminder for me to make the effort to understand and connect through his interests, it is a finite amount of time this open book stage.


“I am touched you asked me to do this with you…”  A powerful reminder that he does notice all those times I am not only unable to pick a favorite droid, debate the moral compass of the storm troopers, or choose which light saber I think is the most powerful but that sometimes I am unable to hide my annoyance.  I will savor this moment and hope to remember to make more of them.


Alphabet Sunday :: Y April 26, 2009

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Lauren says, Y is for Yummy : 4

and Yellow:


Tracey says, Y is for Youngest & Yellow






Vintage Photo Friday April 24, 2009

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Isn’t she a beauty?

Still not feeling well but will try and visit you all later today!

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Hodge Podge April 22, 2009

Freezer paper stenciled Storm Trooper shirt for my big guy who is COMPLETELY engrossed in all things Star Wars (whole other post about that when I am well).


I do not care what my family says, I LOVE this little baby doll.  I went to an estate sale that was crazy-collector FULL of dolls.  This was the one that “spoke” to me.  I gave her/him a little FPS tattoo to help out with the perpetual silent scream.  I ask you again, please do not analyze me.


This is one of those finds that before I even thought of anything else I said to my husband, “The bloggers are going to be SOOOOO jealous!”.  Can anyone else admit to feeling that way?  I probably would not have know this was so dang cool if I hadn’t developed some sort of bloggy aesthetic.


It was published in 1960 and it’s an origami craft book with the most amazing illustrations and examples.  I plan to frame these for my next craft room, where ever she may be…

Favorite one (because the subculture tells me so, wink wink) :


Sore throat, can’t type anymore.

Like crap feel, to nap need.  Seriously WAY too much Star Wars…


Old Craft April 21, 2009

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Is there any other kind these days?  I found this in my craft desk as I was mercilessly weeding.  It should be in the “GO” pile but something about it struck me as Dr. Seuss-like and silly so of course I put it in the “Live to See Another Day” pile.


If I remember correctly, I made it before I even had a cell phone!  Embarrassing tid bit #73 about me is that I just sent my first text message yesterday!  It read something like this, “44howthehelldoesthisthingwork!” except maybe not spelled so well.


There was a time I was addicted to sewing paper and vinyl.  I could easy fall off the wagon with that one.


I have tons of posts on deck.  Just trying to shake this awful sore throat and fever and then I will barrage you with an auction update, Roller Derby photos and more ramblings to be sure.


Alphabet Sunday :: X April 19, 2009

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Lauren cleverly says, X is for xerophyte:


Tracey cheatingly says, X is for X-treme sport (or extremely crappy photography:



Vintage Photo Friday April 17, 2009

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Vintage Photo Friday is back and badder than EVAH!  Sorry and thanks to those who carried on and didn’t give up the hope!


Ok, now that I have your attention – HELLO?  Anyone still here or have you all run screaming from your respective computers?  Just try not to look the clown or that poor kid in the face.  Do check out the beautiful hospital bed though.

This week I have a bundle of old photos found in the basement of my husband’s grandmother (Gram) home.  We miss her terribly.  Wish I could hear her say, “Oh REALLY!” again.  I once called her from my 1st grade classroom and put her on speaker phone so the kids could hear how fabulously she said, “Oh REALLY!”.  It was her not as subtle as she thought way of dismissing what someone said.  Gram had spunk in spades.


I believe these were all taken in Russia.


Here’s the back of the above photo:


Can anyone translate the text?



The boy on the right grew up to play violin for the Boston Symphony and the little boy on the left was a pharmacist in Rhode Island.


That’s him, second from the left, jamming with some friends.


Here is a list of folks who may or may not still be playing along.  Let me know if you want me to add or bump you from the list.

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Have a great weekend.  I’m looking Spring Break in the face and am feeling mighty happy for it!


Never a Dull Moment April 15, 2009

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My soon to be 3 year old asked for a “Mohawk” the other night while I was reading a story to him at bedtime.  I non-Mohawk related story, for the record.  I spiked up his hair using his big brother’s hair gel. “BIG BIG BIG Spikes” was the direction he gave.


He tried to sleep sitting up so it wouldn’t flatten his hair.

Where does this come from? This is a kid whose mother (i.e., ME) does not wear make-up and is lucky to brush her own hair.

So this morning he insists upon wearing these shoes from dress up to his class.


After making his way to the car with these thrifted babies, each on the wrong foot,  he decided to go with the back up shoes I packed.  A more sensible flat.

Then is his class he tied my arm to a chair.  Don’t worry, he was able to articulate all the sounds in the words, KNOT & TIGHT.  Woot!


Just wanted to share little snippets from our day, and we’re only just past noon.


Passover Seder April 14, 2009

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Phew, it’s been an intense couple of weeks.  Lots of deadlines and responsibilities with an overnight in the hospital for my little one thrown in (my little love is a-ok).   I’ve almost shaken off all the stress and am ready to embrace spring (should it ever arrive).

One of the projects I worked on was preparing a seder for 14 at our place.  It involved bringing a table up from the basement and taking a door off it’s hinges, I was not involved except to offer our friend who helped an ice cold beer after the job only to realize we had no such thing.  Nice.  But I was involved in the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning, the making of the new family Haggadah, did I mention the cleaning?  Luckily I am married to a man who is actively involved in the life of our family.  He stayed up until 2 braising 15 pounds of brisket.  Yum.

I did not take very many photos but here are a few of the set up, a couple of my lovely friends who came even though not everyone was 100%, and of the aftermath.


You can’t see them  very well but I have 2 of these beautiful lotus centerpieces that house 3 candles and have a built in frog for creating low floral arrangements.  I got 1 from ebay the first year ebay was up and running.  It’s silver and I think I paid under 5 dollars for it.  I LOVE it.  I found one that isn’t silver but is an exact copy at the thrift store for around the same price and was thrilled to have both on our seder table. floral-arrangement1

These 2 are the shots I took as I was preparing the table.


My eldest made the 2 ceramic creations in this shot at school and we used them for ceremonially washing our hands during the seder.  The orange on the seder plate in a relatively new addition.  The story goes someone asked a Jewish scholar/rabbi when women would be able to become rabbis and he replied, “A woman will become a rabbi when there is an orange on the seder plate.”  And so now many people add an orange to both represent women and there struggle for equal rights but also to represent the possibility for change.  Hope.vessel-to-wash-hands

There’s the nice guy who helped my nice guy lug up the dinning table.  Thanks G, we owe you.


I love these of my nephew who read the 4 questions for the first time!  The 4 ?’s are read by the youngest at the table and he really did a wonderful job reading them, it was nice to have a child’s voice among all the adults.  He was very proud and rightly so!

quinn-the-4-questions quinn-feeling-proud

I’m not a braggart, but don’t I have beautiful friends?  Here they are entertaining/terrifying the children the 10 plagues finger puppets.


And this is me “reclining” on the sofa after everyone was gone and my husband and I had done the initial clean up.  Actually he was still in the kitchen and I decided I could not possibly move another muscle, until I got the urge to document that is and then I shot up (well, more like crawled) and got my camera.  Here is the credenza where we put out the yummy food.  Brisket, roasted beets with caramelized red onions, carrot sald (with lots of garlic and parsley), green beans with shallots and garlic, a yummy green salad, my SIL’s kickin’ matzah ball soup, my FIL’s special cucumber dish, and the roasted potatoes that I saw here.  The irony is not lost on me.


I was too tired to even kick the pillow out of the shot.  It was a good kind of tired, kinda.


We don’t have a dining room, per say.  We use the extra room for a playroom so we set up the table in the middle of the living room.  Where it will now stay, did I mention the door off the hinges thing?


My favorite spot above the computer with a rotating collection of my collections.


The children’s wooden Passover set.  That’s the best Manishevitz wine you’ll ever taste, fyi!


So you’re probably thinking, if you’re still reading, that actually I did take ENOUGH Passover photos!

I’ll stop because my writing is all fawn learning to walk today,


Alphabet Sunday :: W April 13, 2009

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Lauren says, W is for Water:


Tracey says, W is for Weathered: