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Summer Quiz September 3, 2011

A)  We spent much time in the great outdoors.  Just soaking up the sun & being at one with the world.  Or B)  We went to the science museum every chance we could and took funny photos to amuse ourselves.

Answer is probably more like C)  We did a little of both with a healthy dose of tv & wii thrown in.

Are you getting the hang of the quiz?  Here’s another for you:

A)  We created a backyard garden and harvested our own vegetables.  The remainder of which I have pickled and stored in our expertly vintage decorated canning closet in the basement.  Or B)  We went to my parents’ farm in NC and the kids rode the zip line my dad set up and we posed for funny photos on the tractor.

And C) We did hit the local farmers market with regularity.  This is the summer I could not get enough zucchini.   I did pickle a batch via this recipe, but we ate them all up during our annual end of summer cookout.  We actually do have a canning closet in the basement but it is kind of scary and full of our Halloween stuff.

A) We wrestled a shark off the coast of NC to tag it for some altruistic science purpose!  Or  B) We dug around in a huge mound for shark’s teeth to add to our collection (a summer pilgrimage).

And C) We posed for goofy photos in the Fossil Museum.

A) We summered in the Hamptons.  Or B) We took an amazing day trip out to the Boston Harbor islands!  If you haven’t done it, you should.

We explored the the Fort on George’s Island.

And collected sea glass and pottery shards on Spectacle Island.

Last quiz question, I know you want a gold star:

We A) Left all collected glass on the beach as directed by the many signs saying to do so or B) stuffed as much as we could into our pockets like the treasure hunters we are.

C) I am not answering that for fear of incriminating myself.


Summer Loving :: Day 5 June 20, 2008

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This concludes Green Jello’s week long Summer Loving Photo Challenge. Thanks Anne, so much fun! Wish she planned everything for me. What should I make for dinner tonight?

I’ve enjoyed digging through my “archives”, aka boxes and boxes of photographs in my closet.

Here are some photos of Noi, my nanny, and me on the beach in Pattaya my first summer.

I wish I still had that watering can and doesn’t that hat look very modern and Amy Butler-ish?

Enjoy your summer!


Summer Loving :: Day 4 June 19, 2008

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Vintage Summer

Family Archives:


Summer Loving:: Day 3 June 18, 2008

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Photos taken during the summer of 1999, a very special summer. We had many adventures, my lovely man and I. Went to Thailand for a month to visit my parents in Bangkok and then traveled all around the country. Here are some highlights that I have no photographic proof of (or at least none that I’m sharing):

* We took an overnight train ride to a little town near the Cambodian boarder. I woke up to a blurry eyed E. who immediately threatened to, “write a letter to my congressman” about the clinking and clanking that kept him up all night. We still throw that phrase around when things aren’t to our liking and it cracks us up every time. * Getting engaged in Lumpini Park * Climbing the concrete bleachers to watch Azerbaijani play Pakistan in a match at a massive Thai soccer stadium. * Going to Koh Phra Thong for E’s birthday and waking up to the sound of monkey laughter. * Lazy jet lagged early mornings. * And of course, multiple trips to Suan Jatujak.

Here are the photos I do want to share! They are from our trip to Ayutthaya, the ancient capitol of Thailand. They were taken with my 35mm film camera and I scanned them to monster size, apparently. I have spent all the time my headache and I are able to try and fix the issue. So enjoy my super-sized vacation photos! Fries with that?


Summer Loving:: Day 2 June 17, 2008

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Sprayground 07


Summer Loving Photo Week:: Day 1 June 16, 2008

I’m playing along with Anne over at Green Jello. Not only is she my favorite Lost commentator, she also has great play along themes on her blog. This week is Summer Loving Photo Week. Leave a comment on her site if you want to join and be sure and check out the link for the Lego version of Summer Lovin’ from Grease while you are there.

Sprayground 08