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Little Help Over Here July 30, 2008

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I am thinking about moving my blog. I want to be able to mess with the HTML some and most importantly, I want to be able to have a link to my Etsy shop (to be). I just signed up for the 14 day trail on Typepad and I can’t figure out how to import my WP blog. After a Google inquiry it seems like a lot of folks are flowing the opposite direction and switching from TP to WP. So am I missing something? Is there a way to add an Etsy link to my WP blog? What do you use and are you happy with it? Help me figure out where to plant my virtual butt.

Thanks, I need a little help over here…


6 Random Facts Meme July 29, 2008

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I am pretending Lisa of Spoonful of Sugar tagged me personally for this as well as fronting that I know exactly what meme means. Check out her Baby Lime Syrup Cakes, my eyes got fat just looking at them.

6 random facts, ahem, meme:

1. While crossing the street in Pattaya Beach, I was hit by a prostitute (I’m not judging, just reporting the facts) driving a motorcycle who shouted at me while I was down, “F@ck you! I beep horn! Why you not look? ” I lay there bleeding and bruised and flung back at her, “Mee ben ha, lur?” which means, You got a problem? It was all I could come up with in Thai and it was lame. Ask my brother about it, he’s still laughing about how I got pwned.

2. In High School I traveled to Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Indonesia with my soccer team (Captain typing – of team, not plane). Also on board -the boys soccer team and both volleyball teams! Can you imagine booking a flight only to find yourself surrounded by a plane full of lawless teenagers?

3. I got married in pants and we had a juke box at the reception (in our yard).

4. I am scared of butterflies. It’s like they have no sense of direction.

5. I think deeply about television.

6. I have almost drowned a couple of times. The first time was when I was 1, I went to dunk my playdough in the water and fell into the pool. My mom jumped in with all her clothes on to fish me out. I was also pulled onto shore by lifeguards at the beach when I was around 9 (don’t remember the exact age). My 2 friends and I were playing on a raft in the waves of Florida and we drifted out. My 2 friends abandoned ship and swam for the shore, but being a weak swimmer and scared sh@tless, I held on. I still can’t really swim properly, the face under water arms alternating forward side breathing kind of way. I’m sure I’ll learn the proper term once the Olympics start!!!

Cheeks as a flotation device.

I encourage anyone, who is into it, to participate in the 6 Random Facts Meme. Just let me know so I can laugh at with you! But I have to say it was harder than I thought it was going to be to dredge up random facts. Have at it!


Fingernails and Baby Teeth July 28, 2008

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My eldest asked me what would happen if a person didn’t have fingernails or toenails today. I told him I didn’t think they were necessary (except for picking your nose and scratching bug bites). Then we got into a discussion of what purpose nails serve, why we are born with nails and all that, (anyone know?) and he said, “I think nails are there to showcase the best part of your fingers.” I like the way that kid thinks. Here’s a free tip from me to you: DO NOT EVER Google image “fingernail”. Really, don’t. Gnarly.

I’ll give you a twofer – he lost his first twof this week. Weepy mom moment! He asked what would happen if all of someones baby teeth fell out at once. Then answering his own question he said, “Would you just have to go around bald for awhile?” Those two things cracked me up but then I’m his mom. He also might be the first kid to pass on the Tooth Fairy. He was not down with the thought of “him or her” coming into his room while he was sleeping so we worked a deal with the TF (through secret channels) to leave a little something on the porch.

My blogger muscles are weak from lack of excercise. This is me stretching.


Emerald Isle July 22, 2008

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Some of our best times at the beach have been spur of the moment. This time was no different.

Hope you are all ticking off the projects on YOUR summer to-do lists, I’m not!

I’ll blog more soon and we can be friends!


Hey Ya’ll! July 13, 2008

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Just a quick note to say that things will be quiet here for the next week and a half or so while I am in North Carolina. I plan to take some photos of the family quilts and other familial and regional points of interest. If I find the time and energy I will blog from here. In the meantime I am enjoying hearing family stories, taking naps, reading and hitting the FLEA MARKETS!

My dad told me tonight that my granddaddy, who owned his own junk shop and after whom I am modeling my etsy shop, had a business card that read, “We buy junk and sell antiques”. Photos of him and his shop to come! As well as the grand opening (and wine tasting) of my shop in August. I scored some cool finds here that I am excited to share with you!

Hope you are all well and are surviving without my blathering – you must soldier on!


And the Winning Name is… July 9, 2008

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You can check out the geogreeting here, and see where on earth these google map images are from.

The whole contest almost did not take flight because when I told my oldest that we were finally going to find a name for our little lovey , he looked at me funny and said, “You mean Jose?” Who knew?

But PottyMouthMama is a winnah. What a week, a rainbow crystal statue and a prize I haven’t though of yet!!! It’s a virtual world, baby! And just in case anyone questions the choice or fears favoritism may be in play, I will admit to trying to influence my son away from wonkatonkamoose because I was trying to imagining postage to Australia in my head (sorry Lexi). But I said he was the judge and so he was, postage be damned. Thank you all for playing the name game. We eagerly checked to read the new suggestions and laughed throughout the whole process! The little guy went through many name changes and just about all your suggestions were tried on for size.

On a kinda related note. It is nice to type without searing pain and fire shooting from my fingertips. I made these Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers for our 4th of July cookout. I see the blog I got the recipe from has been suspended for violating WP’s terms of service. Maybe they were sited for failure to post a proper warning??? I’ll leave the link in case it pops back up. Anyhoo, remember my whole “right tool for the right job” deal? I used my thumbs to de-seed and de-vein the peppers, all 25 of them (that makes 50 halves for those of you who are math challenged). They were a hit but I spent the whole party with my thumbs either in a saucer of milk. wrapped in a cold cloth, or clutching ice cubes. Not my smartest move. I will highly recommend this lemonade punch though, a definite party maker and thumb soother to boot! (bet you can’t say that fast 3 times. Or slowly once even!)


I Got an Award and It’s Not from my Mother!!! July 8, 2008

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Tracey from Giggle Face Studios, doll maker extraordinaire and supreme judge of good blogging, bestowed upon me this little baby this morning. Thank you for thinking of me! I am still figuring out how to make this into a temporary tattoo, you know, for the kids.

Along with the accolades, this award comes with some rules. Unfortunately it does NOT come with a gift bag.

The rules for receiving this award are:
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link to the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the people you’ve nominated.

I may have mentioned to my husband that I received an award and that I had to pass it along. He said, “You should just keep giving it to yourself, 7 times!” There was mockery in his tone and he is perfect for me.

I am passing it along to these worthy blogs:

Yummy Goods – The photos on this site blow me away and look for Melissa’s fabric line coming soon!

Green Jello– Anne is creative as all get out, funny as heck and has Lost wrap-ups that are second to none.

Funny Magic– Paige keeps it real, sews cool stuff and makes me laugh. I like to pretend to went to elementary school together!

Whatknot – Melissa shares the most delicious looking recipes. Check out her famous black bean brownies and all her fun kid project ideas!

Potty Mouth Mama – Alexandra is a girl after my own heart. I want to be in a play group with this woman, the kind of playgroup where mimosas might be served!

Vintage Rescue Squad – Sue is a proofreader to the stars and a vintage Blood Hound. Check out her funky finds and flawless text!

Fresh Vintage – This is kind of what I want to be when I grow up. Click here only if your jealous is seriously in check. Colleen’s finds are AMAZING.

I actually read all the blogs listed on my blogroll and they all entertain, amuse and educate me differently. A big thank you to the chosen seven and really, to you ALL!

P.S. – don’t feel like you HAVE to play along.  Just enjoy the cheesy shout out and carry on!


Happy 4th of July: Photos from the Town Carnival July 4, 2008

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And by “Every room” I meant the living room… July 3, 2008

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and by “see the floor” I meant patches of promise. Job well done me!

I have never been a softie, plushie, stuffie kind of gal. I appreciate the skill and creativity that goes into designing and making them but they’re not my thang. I did however make a little scrap monster that often gets mistaken for an owl for my oldest when he was a baby, about 6 years ago now. My second (and last) baby has just discovered the little guy and has taken to carting him around and chewing on his little limbs.

I love him in all his wonkiness. He’s velvety, sassy, and just the sweetest little peanut if I do say so…

The little guy doesn’t have a name yet and we need your help. We’re going to have a Name Me Contest! Leave your suggestions in the comment area and my boys will pick the entry they think best suits the fuzzy dude. I will send the winner a little prizey something, give you a shout out on this post (the hits will JAM your site), and we will think of you with flowers in our hearts every time we call to the the little monster! You in?

edit: We’ll take suggestions until Monday night and announce the winner Tuesday.   You guys are cracking us up!


Have You SEEN My ToDo List? July 2, 2008

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