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Craft Night October 28, 2009

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I was finally able to host craft night!  Kind of a big deal since our last apartment was too small to host such an event.

I think Trader Joe’s is the new Martha.  I hoisted 7 boxes of various  fried cheesy bites of goodness from the freezer and my hostessing job was nearly done.

After the “what? I always keep the place this clean” cleaning and the hors d’oeuvre heating up, I was too exhausted to think of a craft so I took photos of the crafts of others in progress plus odds and ins around my kitchen with my iPhone.  Is there a crafty app?

craft night 4

This craft night we had a new member join us.  We sent emails back and forth suggesting a light hazing might be in order, an excerpt:  Maybe the first time she comes, we could all be working on fake projects like an artificial floral arrangement, bedazzling a sweatsuit, and making a toilet paper cozy.  We’ll ask her things like, “Do you think this is over bedazzled or just enough?” “Does this floral arrangement look classy, like it would be in a really fancy hotel?”

Yeah, I know, we’re CRAZY.

craft night 3

But despite all our big talk, we welcomed the new member with open arms and she’s great.  She is doing this cool project, the pattern of which you see above.  She is crocheting the kippot (yarmulkes) for her daughter’s bat mitzvah.  ALL of them!  I wish I had gotten a photo of one.  I imagine she’ll be working on them next craft night as well!

craft night 5

Another crafter made a lovely necklace from these beads.  I set the bowl on top of my lame attempt to craft.

craft night 1

What I love the most about the Polaroid app is there is no cropping.  It is what it is.

craft night 2

Scarf on chair.  After this I gave up “crafting” for the night and focused on the aforementioned TJ bites of goodness (and badness).

attic cable

And I don’t know if any of you are still with me because I have become sporadic because life has become more hectic (in a good way) but here is a teaser.

Our attic is FINISHED!  I will do a before and after post this weekend.  Total transformation of the space and how our family will use it.  Woot!


Laboratory October 10, 2009

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Front  yard, spooky make-over.  Former owners dug out tree, makes for good loose soil to stick scary styrofoam in!


We made these specimen jars last year, remember?

We’re in a new house & there is no window to put them in so we’ve made the mantle our haunted lab.


Full view of mantle.  Still have not set up the haunted dollhouse.  Link here.


Thanks to Kate for helping me style the mantle. 🙂


Bird’s eye view of the bird.


Scary dude from last year, story here.


Still have not replaced keyboard.  Working too much!  Miss you madly.

Happy Halloween!