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Craft Room in Progress July 27, 2009

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Finally finished painting.  Will bitch about the process another time!  Subscribe now in an effort not to miss it.

3756249469_dfc97760bd_bThe top photo is a truer representation of the color of the walls.  I edited to add this so you can see one of the thrifted house dresses I got for 2 dollars that I’m using as curtains in it’s entirety.  I have too much packing to do to make that last sentence less wonky.


Some of my breakables I brought over ahead of the movers.  My craft room is shaping up to be a touch Black Forrest.  More taxidermy than I had originally envisioned.  That’s right.  The soon to be named big fish will find a home in my craft room. Last chance to join the contest.


Well… July 24, 2009

I am never too busy to brag!

Look what I found while dropping off tons of crap donations at the thrift store.



DSC_0015Ahhhh, old metal box you were calling my name.


Can’t Talk, Packing… July 22, 2009

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I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…


Attic July 18, 2009

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The attic in it’s current state:

Door knob

Love the knobs, will love them more when I figure out how to secure them.

walk up attic

Walk up.

And because I am all about little tips for you to take with you –>  when walking around in an attic; you should always wear shoes.  I spilled the first blood the other night.

Attic floor, marble slab patch


attic floor

Vintage linoleum love.


Found.  Still looking.

Attic 2

Little room not as scary as this photo would suggest.

This will be Mr. Paperdoll’s break out room with his music and the tiny little IKEA sofa he has been dreaming of.

I look forward to sharing the after photos with you!


Vintage Photo Friday :: Gardens July 17, 2009

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I am on a self (and other) imposed lock down on my purchasing until I pack all the crap we currently own.  So I thought I would slip into the role of enabler and entice you with some vintage photo goodness for sale!

I am a GIVER.


For sale  here (not by me)


Gardening is FUN, here.


Ebay, here.  Buy the GNOME!


Instant relative, classy!  buy now


I would love a clipping… Here

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Home Slice July 16, 2009

Taking photos of food is harder than I figured.  I have new respect for the beautiful food blogs than I read.  Some of my favorites are:

She Simmers

Noble Pig

Matt Bites!

I was pretty darn proud of last night’s creation so I gave it a go.


Whole wheat crust topped with carmelized onions and zucchini,  roasted fingerling potatoes with smoked paprika and Gorgonzola cheese.


Then I topped it with some greens dressed in Trader Joe’s Champagne and Pear vinaigrette.   It was pretty darn yummy, typed the modest chef.  The crust was too thick because I didn’t roll it out.  I tried to do the whole pizza throwing thing, also not as easy as it looks.

What’s your favorite pizza recipe?  Anyone try grilling pizza? That’s my next frontier.


Typing Without Green Thumb July 15, 2009

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I think plants are lovely.  I appreciate them in pots, although I killed all mine when I became pregnant for the first time and have never felt like I had the time to try and be a better plant parent.  So I am a little freaked at the prospect of taking care of all the beautiful and currently thriving plants in our new yard.  I have always lived in an apartment and don’t think I have even so much as mowed a lawn before.  Although I think mindlessly pushing a mower is more suited to my strengths than taking care of all these delicate plants that are now OURS!

Luckily, a friend from high school (International School Bangkok, WOOT!) is a published author and plant expert extraordinaire.

Check out her first book,  Rain Gardening in the South:  Ecologically Designed Gardens for Draught, Deluge and Everything in Between,!


Anne agreed to take a look at my photos, help me identify the plants and have a game plan for avoiding a yard full of astroturf (my husband’s preference). Big thanks to my fellow Soi 39’er!  I hope the fact that I have not heard from her since I sent a ridiculous amount of photos her way doesn’t mean I overwhelmed her kindness.

I thought I would also ask you all, who I assume are much more skilled in this area than I, for a little help as well.

How do you tend to your gardens?  Do you have a schedule?  What tools do I need?  Any other tips or tricks I should know?  Can I do this?


There ia a huge vine of Wisteria in the front, it’s  beautiful and ancient.  What do I do?


Can not wait to take a photo of it in full bloom next year.  The previous owner told me a story of walking  in the neighbor hood and seeing a woman holding a big bouquet of Wisteria and when she asked about it the thief woman admitting to taking it from the green house a couple of street over.  To which the previous owner replied, “Yeah, that’s my house.”


Those plants (?) got trampled during the move, should I cut them back?


Are there weeds in this shot?  What is that billowy thing?  Oh man, I am in trouble.


These unknown plants/bushes are over taking the back steps.  How do you cut them back?  Close to the base?  Is it harmful to them?


I am pretty sure that’s Hosta but what’s that pink flower?


So pretty.  What are they?  Please tell me they are all hardy.


Oh pretty little orange plants, I will do my bests.  Please be patient.

Thanking you in advance for any help you could throw my way.  I am a little embarrassed because in my head, I am a gardener.  But all learning is good, right?!!!