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Halloween November 7, 2009

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This year we trick or treated in our new neighborhood.  It was a totally different Halloween for us.  In our old neighborhood, located on a very very steep hill, we got very few trick or treaters.  We could leave a bowl out with a sign reading, “take a couple” and it would still be there in the morning.  Ok, to jump to new neighborhood in different town.  We had truckloads of Trick or Treaters, they just kept coming.  We had some smoking teenagers (and that’s not a costume idea) daring us not to give them candy and a grown woman happily thrusting her big a** pillowcase at me (no child in sight)- o  k  a   y, but most were decked out kiddos thrilled to be lugging their humongous bags of candy up and down the street.



The “sparkly dancing shoes” of my little skeleton.

My wee one in a hand me down costume my husband and I freezer paper stenciled back when we had free time.


We ended up not waiting until nightfall.


Potentially my favorite image of the night, boo for blur.  Not about to ask this unknown fella for a second shot, in fact I was rather pleased that I summoned the guts to do it a first time.


High five from the netherworld.


These are from my school’s Halloween celebration.


Good old-fashioned balloon shaving fun.


Someone ate the D.


Something tells me that toothpaste might still have been hanging out in the prize bucket at the end of the festival.


And here is my old Alphabet Sunday friend (we have to start something up again Lauren!) showing us all how Halloween can be HEALTHY!!!  Orange Carrots for all my friends!

Now on to Thanksgiving, ever marching forward…


Laboratory October 10, 2009

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Front  yard, spooky make-over.  Former owners dug out tree, makes for good loose soil to stick scary styrofoam in!


We made these specimen jars last year, remember?

We’re in a new house & there is no window to put them in so we’ve made the mantle our haunted lab.


Full view of mantle.  Still have not set up the haunted dollhouse.  Link here.


Thanks to Kate for helping me style the mantle. 🙂


Bird’s eye view of the bird.


Scary dude from last year, story here.


Still have not replaced keyboard.  Working too much!  Miss you madly.

Happy Halloween!



Sick of Halloween Yet? October 29, 2008

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Looking for last minute costume ideas?

This was my son’s first costume and it was super easy to make.  I repurposed a thrifted sweater by adding some white fuzzy fabric to the front and attaching a felt tail which I sewed and then stuffed with packing peanuts so it would hold it’s shape but not be too heavy.  I took my husband’s hat and attached little felt ears and my favorite part is the little claw feet.  I just cut pieces of felt, sewed on  claws and tied them over his sneakers.

Trick or Treating at Fenway Park!

I got this costume idea from MARTHA and I tweaked it a little, take that Ms M!  It’s made of foil cups folded and then layered to look like armor, little aluminum loaf pans are tied over the shoes and round pie pans are used for the shoulder protectors.  I painted some coffee holder thingies grey for the arm armor.   And we turned the old milk jug space helmet into a knight’s helmet complete with a duct tape face plate.  Oh, And I used the collar from a hideous shirt given to me as the neck guard and the back of the shirt for the chain mail skirt.

Last year my big guy was a skeleton.  We freezer paper stenciled (best craft in the WORLD) the bones on an old sweatsuit and then painted the toe bones on thrifted dance shoes (shoes that were totally spied by my son who had the vision for them as part of the costume.  So proud!).  Since my little guy was too young to pick a costume we made him the pulmonary system – I  sewed the body bits on a red tee shirt using fabric scraps and then unraveled an old baby sweater to make the veins.

This year we will have a vampire and a clown.  I don’t know which will be scarier. Stay tuned!


Halloween Party, WELCOME! October 18, 2008

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Today is the day thought up by the lovely and twisted mind over at A Fanciful Twist.  There are tons of folks playing along, check out her blog to see the complete list!

Welcome, creeeeeeking the door open . My butler will take your coat (and he might give it back to you at the end of your visit!)

Not surprisingly, my house is not yet ready for the party so this will be a partial open house.  A less than grand opening!  I have more silhouettes to cut, wallpaper to hang and we have wooden people to paint but I wanted to participate in the party so come on in, we’ve been waiting for you!

We have comfortable spots for lounging…  This guest has been with us a while!!!

There are plenty of chances to mingle:

Not much in the way of nibbles, although there are plenty of creatures who would love a nibble of YOU!

You’re welcome to hang out some more but I am going to bust open the lovely box of wine you brought, and what a LOVELY hostess gift it was, and rest for a spell !!!!!!!!!!

A here is a link to the BEFORE shots of the thrifted dollhouse (this is a joint project between myself and my 6 year old son).


I Hope Not Son, I Sincerely Hope Not… September 4, 2008

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This morning my Halloween obsessed son asked me if I wanted to be a “puffy gravestone” for Halloween.  How is your day shaping up?


The Thrift Whisperer June 12, 2008

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The store called me today, the kind of call that doesn’t need a phone. The textile portion of the store was one score after another. I went looking for something to hang at the end of the hallway to try and stop the cool air from escaping and found a thick plain white cotton curtain with big ole grommets at the top. It may have been a shower curtain in another life but will be perfect in the living room doorway. I also went looking for a some sheets to sew together and make a light summer comforter cover. Our current cover is dark brown with black circles and I love it but I’m feeling like something a little lighter would be good for summer. I found this and it’s already sewn on three sides. I just have to put on some button holes or more than likely, sew on some velcro to make a closure. I really like the colors and the swirly flower pattern that’s not too sickeningly floral. And then I came across these vintage gold brocade curtains. Yes! I am not usually a big brocade gal but these will do nicely, if not in the bedroom then somewhere else for sure.  edit:  This IKEA comforter is so scratchy.  Going to have to keep looking…

As I was jamming the stroller with all this yardage, I spied this little beauty on the floor in the children’s section. I grabbed it and took it to the register to ask the price. The guy asked if it was worth $5 to me and I said it WAS marked up with crayons and so he said, “$2.99?”!!!!!!!!!!! SOLD. It also came with some wooden doll furniture and a sofa set that looks like it came from the doll house thrift store.

If you think this house is really cute and would be great in your kid’s playroom, you should probably stop reading as we have big remodeling plans for this house. She is going to be turned into a HAUNTED HALLOWEEN HOUSE! Think black paint, spider webs, blood red shutters and many more spooky surprises. We will have to do something terrifying with this television. Maybe a tiny print of this photo taken at the zoo yesterday. It was in some weird little closed off cabin. My big guy said, “That is creepy!” and I immediately thought of Lost. It’s my nod to Jacob’s Cabin:

I will share the photos once we’ve finished, closer to Halloween. I’ll also share the story of how I went from a “it’s a manufactured, commercialized, sugar-filled’ Halloween hater to a full on Halloween enthusiast.

Hold your breath.

edit: Tone check. I’m totally mocking myself. I reread the title and along with the end of my last post I was afraid I was sounding like I was getting too big for my own (thrifted) britches!