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Playroom December 30, 2009

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We were lucky enough to be able to buy our first house last summer.  After being crammed into a little apartment for 7 years, which was worth it because the trade-off was I got to be a stay at home mom, it has been a whole new world of quality family time.  A lot of it has been spent in the attic.  We had it converted into a playroom for the kids and a music room for my husband (he is a good sharer though).  Links to before posts: 1 & 2

And my little blur of motion going down those same stairs.


This is the building zone.  Blocks, games, people, etc.  Go ahead and say it, I’ve heard it before.  I don’t feel like my kids have an excessive amount of toys and I will proudly tell you that most of them are craigslisted, freecycled or thrifted.  A bit defensive, perhaps.  🙂

The book area over there behind the rubber ducky collection.  Okay, you have me here.  It IS excessive.  The boy loves his rubber duckies, what can I say?!

Dress up and dramatic play area.

This is the playmat area.  Our hope was to leave a big blank space that the kids could manipulate and rearrange as the game and their creativity dictated.  Also we wanted a place they could get their energy out in the winter.  Here they are this morning, building a house out of the of the playmats I scored off Craigslist (I searched for about a year and got lucky one day last summer!).

And here are the little ones getting some of that energy out the other day.

Can’t type much, too nervous.  Going to get an emergency root canal in an hour.  Arrrrgh.


Paint By Numbers December 28, 2009

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I finally found a home for my (growing) collection of vintage Paint by Number paintings.

Here is a quickie iphone shot of our guest room.

I would take some more but my parents and their 2 large dogs are inhabiting the space at the moment!  My mom is a great hunter and found lots of these for me in NC.  (thanks Ma)

I just found this great online exhibit and thought I’d share.  I was going to post it to Facebook but those folks are tired of my chatty a**.

Jump to the online exhibit.

I particularly like the part where they have included peoples’ memories of PBN.


I’m on a Roll…

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I’ve got butter on my pants!  Ba-dum cha.  I will always love that joke.

But I came here for help, not guffaws.

What is the name of this plant?  The one that looks like little grapes.

I think it’s in the succulent family.  I covet it but can not find the name.

Any help and/or cuttings would be much appreciated.


Science Museum December 26, 2009

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We took a trip to the Science Museum, we are lucky to live so close to some great Museums and even more lucky that my FIL bought us a family pass!

I was smitten with the color of the walls in the Human Body room.  Any guesses to the make and name?

-Struggling with the age old question…           

Bones overlooking the Charles.


Painless deconstruction…


Doesn’t everyone get chocolate milk at the Science Museum? Our habit is chocolate milk and Space Ice Cream.  (dehydrated wafers of yuckiness but space in the title and it’s SOLD!)

Tube and ball fun.

I am well out of the habit of writing and sharing.  Funny how quickly one can fall out of the groove.  Maybe my mind has been taken over by Bejeweled Blitz ( 279,250 suckahs!).