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Chess Club October 30, 2008

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Today is the first day of afterschool chess club and so I made my big guy this shirt last night at craft group (a rockin’ good time which warrants it’s own post).

I freezer paper stenciled this chess piece on a scrap piece of linen, I was thinking it’s a pawn but my son saw queen (6 year olds are all about power).  Now that I see the photo it looks a little like I affixed a napkin to the front of my son’s shirt but I don’t think it plays that way in RL and I am going to keep telling myself that!

Keeping it short today as I am feeling the Halloween crunch, moving into full court press mode right about now!

Looking forward to seeing all your photos of costumes and Halloween fun.  Leave a link if you’ve got some Halloween tricks to share!


I Want to Be THIS GUY for Halloween October 29, 2008

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Please watch in it’s entirety for maximum guffaws!  And do not fret, this is a peen-free post!

Thanks to my brother for forwarding me this link!


Sick of Halloween Yet?

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Looking for last minute costume ideas?

This was my son’s first costume and it was super easy to make.  I repurposed a thrifted sweater by adding some white fuzzy fabric to the front and attaching a felt tail which I sewed and then stuffed with packing peanuts so it would hold it’s shape but not be too heavy.  I took my husband’s hat and attached little felt ears and my favorite part is the little claw feet.  I just cut pieces of felt, sewed on  claws and tied them over his sneakers.

Trick or Treating at Fenway Park!

I got this costume idea from MARTHA and I tweaked it a little, take that Ms M!  It’s made of foil cups folded and then layered to look like armor, little aluminum loaf pans are tied over the shoes and round pie pans are used for the shoulder protectors.  I painted some coffee holder thingies grey for the arm armor.   And we turned the old milk jug space helmet into a knight’s helmet complete with a duct tape face plate.  Oh, And I used the collar from a hideous shirt given to me as the neck guard and the back of the shirt for the chain mail skirt.

Last year my big guy was a skeleton.  We freezer paper stenciled (best craft in the WORLD) the bones on an old sweatsuit and then painted the toe bones on thrifted dance shoes (shoes that were totally spied by my son who had the vision for them as part of the costume.  So proud!).  Since my little guy was too young to pick a costume we made him the pulmonary system – I  sewed the body bits on a red tee shirt using fabric scraps and then unraveled an old baby sweater to make the veins.

This year we will have a vampire and a clown.  I don’t know which will be scarier. Stay tuned!


The Good Old Days… October 28, 2008

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Here are my cousins with those blow up contraptions on their heads!  Send to me by my Aunt Donna who is so crafty it’s busting outta her britches!  You may know her as Kindred Spirit from my comments.   Hi to my cousins M & J, thanks for sharing the sweet shot!

There is one floating around the family of my brother in one of these costumes with green face makeup on, if anyone has it please send it my way!

Only 3 more days!  Don’t delay, get those surgical gloves filled with juice into the freezer and start on your brain jello mold NOW!

And WP spellcheck is wonked at the moment so Happy Halloween to all my dyslexic brothers and sisters!


My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard… October 27, 2008

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A little vintage Halloween for you:

Can you find me?  Hint – I’m not the sassy kid winking in the front row.

I got nothing else since I’m working hard to make our place look effortlessly messy for our neighborhood Halloween party on Friday.

But I did find this on Youtube.  I chuckled and cringed, maybe you will too.  Click on it even though it looks boring as all get out.  It’s free, it’s funny, why not?


Bits and Pieces October 24, 2008

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Today I was inspired by the Corners of My Home Flickr group started by Amanda at The Mother Ship.

Bits and pieces from my place:

Have a good weekend (I’ve got a rummage in my sites).


WhatKnot has an Etsy Shop! October 21, 2008

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Melissa from WhatKnot has opened up an Etsy shop with really lovely handcrafted items for babies and children.  Think of her when you’re filling your homemade holiday list!

I purchased a tote and crayon roll as a gift for a little girl about to turn 3, sorry if this ruins the surprise Kath.  Being the dear that she is, she included this super cute placemat and fabric markers with the tote.  My little one had a blast decorating his placemat this morning, drawing a basketball, a nose with chuggas (you can guess what those are), the family, and a potty on it.  It was exciting to watch him feel very proud of himself decorating what I thought was going to be a placemat.  When he finished he informed me he would like it to be hung up with the curtain in the living room, pointing to the window and his work and saying, “Up, up, up!!!”.  So now it’s on display for everyone, but most importantly it’s on display for him.

Thank you Melissa for the wonderful gift and for making good old fashioned things that help kids learn, grow and feel good about themselves (without flashing lights and a talking donkey)!