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Vintage Photo (& Ephemera) Friday June 12, 2009

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Happy Friday friends!

This is one of my favorite photos.

to blog VFF

Isn’t he dapper?  I do not know who he is, but I know he’s dreamy.  I believe this is a photo from my side of the family but I do not recognize him.  The heart is making me want to mess around with my ttv.  I have an idea gentling rolling around in my head, we will see if I can pull it off…

Today for Vintage Photo Friday I feel like sharing some family ephemera.  Maybe I am wrong, but I am guessing there is a cross-over audience!

These papers are from a big bundle given to me by my father last summer (Thanks D!).  I feel so appreciative to have these amazing bits of family history.  The ‘throw-away’ records of their everyday lives.

to blog VFF_0001

to blog VFF_0003

to blog VFF_0004

to blog VFF_0006

One day I will find the courage to use some of these in a collage.  One day.

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Gift March 30, 2009

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I want to thank all of you who take the time to visit my little blog and an extra special hug around your neck to those who take the time to leave a comment.  You’ve often given me a boost, made me laugh out loud, given sound advice and you usually leave a bread crumb trail back to your lovely blogs and it is all received as a gift!

Thank you.


I broke down and went with the random number generator and the winner turned out to be my mom so I asked her “Before or After” and she replied, “Before” and so it comes that Kelly is the winner of my 1 year blog anniversary giveaway!  Her joke, for the record, was:

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Pencil who?
Never mind. There’s no point.

Kelly is a very funny woman, it is said and it is true, but lucky for her the winner was not picked by the funniest joke!  🙂  Email me your address and I will get this out to you before Jack starts college!


For your visual pleasure I thought I would share something that came in the mail for me!



My beautiful (and I’m talking outside, not just inside), funny, and thoughtful friend from college saw this, thought of me and sent it on.  I love it for so many reasons.  Primarily because it always feels good when people “get” you and understand what will float your boat.  She hit the nail on head with this one (Thanks dad).   You can’t really tell but the G has a little bit of cellophane, creating a “window” – love that and I can’t believe it’s still intact.   Take a close look at the little bird perched on the T, such a graphically cool card.  And Sharon also knows that my father, who I have the utmost respect for, served in the military and this appeals to my army brat upbringing.  It’s perfect on so many levels.

So thank you Sharon and thank you Facebook for reuniting us!


Look Who Has Been Busy in 2009 January 7, 2009

Well I’ve hit the ground running this year!  I opened up a second etsy shop.  In the words of my dear husband, “WHY?!!!!!”.   It’s called BeMyVintageValentine:


I am specializing in funky nostalgic Valentines with some antique German pull-outs thrown in.  I really like having a shop that sells a specific item.  It has a cleaner look and make the posting of items a million times easier and faster.  Not that I’ll be neglecting Paperdollsforboys well, maybe until March!

I had more in my personal collection than I realized.  This is one of the reasons selling vintage has been so satisfying for me.  I have gotten to really look at what I collect.  Appreciate what I have already by taking nice photos of them and then sending them off into the world for others to enjoy and treasure.

Here is one of the old German ones I listed today:

dsc_0081 dsc_0078

And my personal favorite, and not just because of the TWITTER reference (paperdolls4boys on Twitter if you want to hook up):


Somewhere between the polka-dots and the maryjanes I fell in love with her!

I feel a little guilty though, I will admit.  I get annoyed when I walk into Walgreens and they super jump on the holiday supplies and decorations and here I am, just squeaking into January, peddling my Valentines.  I would feel more guilty if I didn’t plan to have the shop up year round!

Vintage Valentines for ALL YOUR FRIENDS!


Happy Passover April 19, 2008

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You wish you had wooden matzah!

I got a bag of Judaica at an estate sale a long time ago, before I became Jewish even. This Maxwell House Haggadah was one of the treasures in the bag.

I had no idea there WAS an “original Passover coffee”! Always learnin’.

This paper was also folded in the bag of ephemera. I imagine the family taking this out to use as a reference for the seder year after year.

When I touch these things I feel more connected to the people who owned them originally (whether they were family or not), to the past and somehow to myself. Is that what makes a collector collect? (I’ll add this to my stuff dissertation).

I did not know there was such a thing as a Passover gift! Great Matzah, hope I get a camera (or a piano).

The only way I’m drinking Maxwell this Passover is if it has a little Bailey’s in it. Is that Kosher?

This is an old Haggadah found in my husband’s Gram’s house. My plan is to work on a family Haggadah using some of these vintage finds and some of the boys and cousins artwork. Maybe next year in Jerusalem. Ba dum bum.

I picked up this old (1949) record in an antique mall in NC. I had it on the wall of the nursery when my big guy was a wee one. Love the graphics.

Wishing you all a joyous weekend!

edit: Ok, the haunt of Nancy C.P. continues. I respect her but I just can’t have her hanging out in my Haggadah. I’m going to consult a higher power. SOLVED 4/24

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