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yellow November 6, 2010

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Noticed an unintentional thread of yellow in my recent Flickr posts.

It is not a color ever answered when someone asks me my favorite color.

Which happens more than you’d think since I teach Kindergarten.


I’m Not One to Brag, April 20, 2010

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unless I’m talking.

Feel free to join me in bragging over at my new Thrift Therapy group on Flickr!

Today was a beautiful thrift day.  It was a mother/son hang out day.  My oldest son, 7, has the eyes of a hawk and can spot good thrift with the best of them (so very proud).  We hit 3 thrift stores and came away with some vintage love.

I plan to paint the frames pink or something, anything, other than that yucky wood.

I got the pillow for 1 dollar.  1 DOLLAR!!! The art work came from another thrift store for $4.99 a piece.  More than I like to spend at the thrift store but it seemed a match with the pillow.  I often find that thrifting days have an unintentional theme.  Today had a yellow thread.

I have a couple pair of these skates now.  I am past my skating years (ok, weight) but in the day (read: elementary school), I happen to win a speed skate contest at the local rink.  So maybe it should have read, “I’m not one to brag, unless I am talking OR typing”.

That does indeed say “50 cents”.  I already put it on the shelf in my kitchen.  I am a sucker for anything with it’s original packaging.  Bake King!

An old napkin holder that I plan to use in my craft room for holding paper.  No plans for the tiny coaster yet, but I snapped it up mostly because it’s metal and cheery.

My son spotted these bowling pins.  We are debating turning them into candle sticks or planting them in the garden.  What do you think?

My son also spotted 2 of these for a quarter each.  Seeing as how we were feeling like SUPERWINNERs, we bought them.

I think I squealed when I spotted these.  Planning to use them in the garden, pot some plants in them, maybe plant them to look like mushrooms or maybe just put on kitchen shelve.  Any ideas?

This tape dispenser isn’t vintage but it was cheap and it’s a perfect combination of functional and quirky.  The bug was a big fan.

I had a hard time taking a good photo of this.  It’s solid brass, ugly beautiful and cost 3 bucks.

I hope to spray it red or rust it out and rewire it for my craft room.  I say that but I have never had anything rewired in my life.  Expensive?  Reasonable?  I think it’s going to work in the space.  Photos to follow one day.

Another day of thrift therapy, I will go to sleep happy.


Thrift Repurpose June 30, 2009

Edit:  I am just going to let this one ride & call it Vintage Photo Friday.  I am up to my eyeballs in boxes.  Will catch up with you all soon!

A while back on Vintage Photo Friday, there was some discussion & sharing of ideas for storing/displaying vintage photos.


I was excited to find inspiration in this vintage napkin holder at the thrift store today (Happy Anniversary Pat & Charlie)!  I picked it up because I am a sucker for metal and swirls, then I put it down thinking it wouldn’t really work with our cloth napkins.  But bam, I thought photos.  I also thought I would paint it but decided I liked the yellow with the photos.  Yellow is a color I am always surprised I like.


The photos in front are from my last trip to Brimmfield.  I am trying to scale my (non-family) photos down to just a few collections, vintage marching bands, vintage construction photos, and people at the beach.


I love the bathing suits on the people in the front and the suit suits on the guys in the back!


Ok, she does not fit my “rules” but just look at her.  I wonder where she is going and if she is more excited than she is letting on.  Truthfully, I am not sure if it was her or the bus I was more taken with when I plucked her from the pile that chilly Brimmfield day.

Any more ideas for how to display vintage photos?  Leave a link if you feel like sharing.

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Yellow Week :: Day 3 February 18, 2009

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Ducks for breakfast?


Yellow Week :: Day 2 February 17, 2009

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Valentine flowers.

It’s Yellow Week over at House on Hill Road and beyond.