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I’m on a Roll… October 6, 2008

I’ve got butter on my pants!  Boom-CHA

2 in one day.  Special for you because you’re special.  Blogging is like that, spurts and spells (most of mine, dry).

I had such a good rummage/yard sale day on Saturday.

I met my friend at a church rummage sale first thing Saturday morning and got some good bits for the shop plus a huge framed papyrus with all the Egyptian gods painted on it for the growing collection of Ancient Egyptian art and artifacts in the boys room.  After the Unitarian church sale we went to Charlie and Pat’s rummage sale were I pick up 2 beautiful vintage Italian Christmas creches.  You don’t have to celebrate the holiday to have a good eye, my pretend Jewish great grandma always used to say!  On the way to drop my friend off back home we squeezed in a yard sale.    We got some cool games and random goodness.  I hit “just one more sale” (or two) on the way home and hit the MOTHER LOAD.  You know how when you pull up to a yard sale and you know if it’s a match or not.  I parked and immediately began scooping up the scores.  I really wanted all the other folks to vacate the premises and claim this one as MINE.  I bought a pair of vintage roller skates all rusted and lovely:

3 framed vintage children’s albums.  Some framed funky prints, an atomic tea cup and saucer that had a tin sheriff’s bandage in it, and 2 metal tables that are the most perfect shade of green. They are keepers.

Photo does not capture the olive-y greatness that these possess.

I told the woman I loved her taste and stuff and we had a great conversation.  I even slipped her my card, which was my challenge to myself of the day.  She let me into the garage, which was blocked off ( I had already asked about buying a metal globe located in the cave twice), and showed me 2 boxes of dolls. This beauty caught my eye and I bought the boxes off the cool woman with fabulous taste (you should have seen the house!).  A kind flickr flickrer informed me it’s a Japanese pose doll.  She’s fetching.  I’ll be posting her and some other finds in my shop today and tomorrow.  I hope she goes to a great home.  I had a blast acquiring her.

Here is an old Japanese ad featuring pose dolls:


Junk Explosion June 29, 2008

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And not the cool kind of junk either.

We had a yardsale on Saturday and it was a plastic mess. I am embarrassed to say it wasn’t even everything that needed to go but it was a good start. The things that didn’t sell are boxed and awaiting a trip to Charlie and Pat’s for donation. Feels good to make space for the avalanche of stuff that steadily heads this way.

While hauling stuff out of the garage we found the signs I had saved from our last yard sale but couldn’t find earlier so I ending up making some of the half-assed signs I always complain about when other people make them. My son enjoyed being a walking billboard and asked if he could keep the signs to put them in his “treasure box”. Maybe now we will know where they are for the next sale!

Funny I didn’t choose to take photos of this stuff when I was playing along with Toy Week at Green Jello. Keeping it real, real JUNKY, ya’ll!

I was happy (but surprised) these did not sell. I’ll tuck them away for my future kitchen that doesn’t suck.

At one point I was thinking I should charge admission as a playzone to supplement slow sales.

My favorite part of the day was talking with all the friends and neighbors who stopped by and meeting nice new neighbors. One of which gave me $2 for a truck I offered to sell him at $1. My new FAVORITE neighbor is what I like to call him.

Some of the Friends & Neighbors

Look at those legs!

My boys and their buddy had a blast playing with all the forgotten toys. We negotiated a bring back ONE policy and overall the boys did a great job of hanging out, playing, and seeing their stuff go.

Here was my favorite yard sailor of the day. She pulled up in style and bought what would have been the item that made ticker tape fall from the sky with a big neon sign saying, “You picked a winner!”, if I had that kind of power.

Rumor has it my mom is a big reader of the blog, so I need to take a moment to say, “Mom, this was a great hat. The boys loved it but it was time for it to move on to a new home. You understand.”

She was such a sport to model the hat for me. She bargained hard but in a non-obnoxious way. Thumbs up for kindness and fun at yard sales!

And here is my tribute to a treasure lost.

I got this trunk for a steal in Davis Square many years ago. A woman I worked with and I managed to get it in her convertible and we got it up to my 3rd floor apartment. For a long time I used it as a linen closet and then we used it to put the television on. It had a mystery drawer that was locked and we enjoyed imagining what riches were in that drawer. My parents even hired a locksmith to open it but no dice. When we moved to this place I stored it in the basement and then the garage, always planning for it to have a place of honor when we get our own place. Unfortunately it got alarmingly moldy and beyond help. My downstairs neighbor took his power tools and crow bar to it and we solved the mystery of the formerly impenetrable drawer – empty. But I did get some of the hardware off and may go back down to the curb for the rest of it.

Here is my favorite shot of the day. My little guy poached this from our neighbor’s portion of the sale.

Yard Sale wrap up – it is not nearly as exciting to HAVE a yard sale as it is to GO to them. I never really thought about it until yesterday but wouldn’t it feel so much more satisfying to parade your best treasures in your front lawn for friends and neighbors to admire? But then I wouldn’t have 130 bucks burning a hole in my pocket now would I?


Who Am I Kidding? June 22, 2008

Here is what summertime REALLY means to me:

Yard Sales! With a few rummages thrown in and an estate sale sprinkled here and there!

Yesterday was a fruitful day. My big little guy and I had took some time to ourselves and we hit the sales.

All the old guys and I scoured the garage at our first estate sale. It had been striped of all the vintage tools by the time my son and I got there. I did come up with this beauty. It will go well with the orange shoe shine stand my brother gave me a few years ago. Check out that wooden container for the shine!

I picked this up at the same estate sale. 1 dollar. I think it was a salt or pepper shaker at one time. It’s heavy and delightfully bug eyed. I am smitten.

I also picked up these cameras for 8 dollars a piece. I’ve got a collection going now. Mostly vintage super 8s with a few cameras sneaking in.

I also got these books at a thrift store last week. I’m going to do a separate post to share their illustrated goodness.

I rescued this vintage textile from a yard sale.

It’s not exactly my style (I AM a sucker for orange) but I feel like it was lying there, indignant at the low price tag stuck on it’s rich fibers, calling for my help. I’m a saver.  Anyone know where it’s from?

My soon to be 6 year old passed by the plastic toys and went right for this at another yard sale:

He asked the woman having the yard sale how much it was and she said, “Are your parents interested in this?” Like I was using my kid to try and get a lower price. I didn’t want to offend her with what I was thinking, “Are you freakin’ kidding me? That is not going in MY living room!”. So I assured her it was all my boy’s idea. He bought it for 5 dollars and repeated a number of times throughout the day, “Isn’t it beautiful mom?” He’s hooked and I could not be more proud.