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NYC Vintage Photographs February 26, 2011

I never know what to call her.  Well, I always called her Aunt Nancy but she wasn’t my aunt.  Maybe 3rd cousin or something, not sure.  But in the Southern tradition as she was my elder, I respectfully called her Aunt Nancy.  So in that round a bout & rambling way I introduce you to my Aunt Nancy and her wonderful collection of tourist photographs from NYC.  Enjoy, it looks like she did.

Ack, the hats, the suits, the clothes, the hair.  It’s so very Mad Men (which I ate in one big gulp – thank you itunes.)


Statue of Liberty sun bleached and beautiful.


One of my favorites is what I assume to be a shot taken while up on the statue.


This must have been quite a culture shock coming from North Carolina.

I think this is a truck zooming by.  Anyone know what it reads?


That’s the Empire State building, right?

The older I get the more I realize that people have, inside of themselves, a vision of who they are that I am not always privy to.  A collection of events which define them but that I have no access to.  Something I’m chewing on.

I wish I could have known this Nancy and feel honored I am the keeper of her photographs.  In a small way I am learning more about her through these shots.  Thanks Aunt Nancy.


Vintage Photo Friday June 19, 2009

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I feel, at once,  a tad egotistical and OLD putting photos of me in Vintage Photo Friday.

And yet…

granny and me

I am so glad to have and share these photos of my Granny and Granddaddy holding me as a baby.

I grew up in a different world than my grandparents.  They lived in small small rural North Carolina and I was born in Thailand.

We were heading to my grandparents’ beautiful and bountiful garden when I was about 6 maybe and I excitedly proclaimed, “We’re going to pick some potatoes!”.  Who knew they did not grow on trees!  Despite the fact I must have seemed like a little creature from outer space at times, my grandparents always made me feel loved and cared for.

granddaddy and me

My granddaddy greeted me with, “Hello Ugly!  You’re getting uglier and uglier every time I see you!” every time he saw me.  The way he said it conveyed that he thought I was cute as a button.

I wish I could sit at their table, introduce them to my children, eat some amazing collards and dumplings, and listen to their stories.

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Vintage Photo Friday :: Kids March 13, 2009

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I am in the mood for babies & children, pictorially speaking.  I am earnestly holding at 2, but still have my list of unused baby names.  So today I am posting some of my favorite vintage kiddo photographs and naming each child as if they were my own (all the fun without the dirty dukes, incessant needs and pesky college funds).

This is Otto.  I struggle to connect with him.  He’s my most stand-offish child, not very affectionate but seems to have a mind for science.  And a penchant for fine footwear.


Here are my twins, Gus and Otis.  Little rascals, full of fun and love.  Sitting in my favorite deck chair.  Up to no good, I’m sure.


And here we have, from left to right, Petey, Hazel and Solomon.  I can’t claim Petey.  He’s an ever present kid from the neighborhood. But little Hazel and Sol are rocking my good looks.


And here is little Orly with her favorite doll baby, Willa.  She has me sewing frocks for that doll day and night.  I whipped this one up last night, I didn’t work from a pattern, just an image from her imagination and my mad skills.


Alrighty, that was fun.

Now I am going to wrestle my real life kiddo down for nap and map out our weekend, IKEA here we come.

Plus, keep signing up for my giveaway if you know what’s good for you..

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Vintage Photo Friday March 6, 2009

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I love this triptych:


I found these three photos in different places among  my great aunt’s belongings and was thrilled to see that it’s the same woman over time.  I estimate it to be a 50-60 year span.   I wish I knew more about her, her name and her story.  She seems fairly no nonsense judging by the same hairstyle and glasses worn throughout.

The back of the last photo reads:

vpf-backDoes that say, “This is Mama’s don’t you think it is good of Aunt Im”?  Hmmm?

I am sick about the hole in this one.   I regret to say that it came into my possession sans the canyon there.  Sometime I think my home is where vintage comes to die.


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Vintage Photo Friday :: KICKOFF February 6, 2009

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I am starting something new and invite you to join with me.  Every Friday post a vintage photo on your blog.

Let me know you are playing along and I will compile a list of blogs.

Who doesn’t love a parade?  Especially one with a MARCHING BAND!



Edit:  We have our first player!  Please check out Vintage Photo Friday over at Pineapples & Artichokes (I like her tag line, “Baby, craft, life”)


Summer Loving :: Day 5 June 20, 2008

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This concludes Green Jello’s week long Summer Loving Photo Challenge. Thanks Anne, so much fun! Wish she planned everything for me. What should I make for dinner tonight?

I’ve enjoyed digging through my “archives”, aka boxes and boxes of photographs in my closet.

Here are some photos of Noi, my nanny, and me on the beach in Pattaya my first summer.

I wish I still had that watering can and doesn’t that hat look very modern and Amy Butler-ish?

Enjoy your summer!


Summer Loving :: Day 4 June 19, 2008

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Vintage Summer

Family Archives: