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Gone Fishin’ :: Vintage Photo Friday July 10, 2009

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In keeping with the fish theme, I am sharing some family photos of successful fishing trips.

These shots taken near coastal North Carolina in the 50’s, I believe. (edit: duh, date stamped on photos)

VPF fish

This is a photo of my Granddaddy, they called him Buck.

VPF fish_0001

Dad- Is that a Wallace standing next to Granddaddy?  Is that Granddaddy’s store or Mr. Roy’s place?

VPF fish_0003

Well, that sign may answer my earlier question.

VPF fish_0004

I think this is, from the left, my cousin Laurie, her mother (dad’s sister) Aunt Betty Lou and my Aunt Lola (married to my dad’s brother).  I also think that is the backside of either a chicken or a cat in the lower left.  Neither of which I ever remember seeing in Pinetown.

VPF fish_0002

My Granny and Aunt Betty Lou in the old store in Pinetown.  Looks like they had a lot of work ahead of them.

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