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Thrifting is a Thing of Beauty June 3, 2009

***I would like to apologize in advance for my liberal usage of CAPS in this post.  It’s my fingers getting in on the excitement of the day.***

For I had a banner thrifting day today.  And I really needed it.

I was feeling peeved about the closing date looking like it’s going to move back and just needed some cheap therapy.

I know you are supposed to appreciate and try to understand peoples’ differences but I can not fathom why a person would not love the heck out of thrift store shopping.

I went to a shop today that I had not been to before, and there are not many of those out there.  Someone told me about it and I can not remember who.  Whoever it was, I owe you a kiss, beer or babysitting (your pick).   The place was a treasure trove .  I am not ready to be as selfless as the forgotten one who pointed me in the direction of the shop in the first place, so it will remain nameless for now.  Sorry Kate, love ya!

Drink up the goodness below:


Little faux bois tin, with a touch of fake wicker (anyone know how to say that in french?) thrown in for good measure.

DSC_0016A beautiful vintage umbrella that functions.  It has the most delicate wooden handle.  I am thinking of doing something with it on the porch.  Ideas?


I picked up a funky old chair that is the color of the green in this lap blanket.  I am thinking of painting the new craft room teal and chartreuse and think the old chair with this blanket thrown over it will work nicely.  First I have to vaccuum what looks to be the excess fur of an entire cat clan off of it, cut the skirt off, paint the legs and fabreeze it with a vengeance.

Are you ready?


Then I came across this vision of crafty win!  Do you SEE it?


This little birdcage appeared to never have housed a bird (or their droppings).  It came stuffed with fake flowers that I generously donated back to the store.  The cool guy at the check out counter asked what I was going to do with this and like a dork, I replied, “I’m going to do something crazy with it!  Like paint it hot pink or something!!!”  Seriously, I said that.  Then just to try and dig myself out of the old lady hole I fell into I added, “I know.  I am CRAZY.  Lookout!!!!”  But if making a fool of myself is the price to pay for such thrifted goodness then a fool I be.


I also picked up a few pieces of Pyrex, a yellow mug, an orange leftover dish, and an avocado mixing bowl to add to my growing collection.

I loved the shop and the people working there so much that I trekked out to their second location.  When you are feeling the thrift mojo, you do not question, you ACT.

Initially the second shop seemed like the uncool cousin of the first.  It may have had something to do with the 20 month pregnant woman with the hoarsest smokers voice I have EVAH heard gabbing into her cell phone the whole time.  She was not RESPECTING the THRIFT.


I found this painting that is a little more “pop artish” than I usually go for but I felt like it was painted well and after I walked by it once, it beckoned me back.


But then, then I saw it.  At first I didn’t bust any sudden movements for fear someone else, like the lady standing RIGHT in front of it, would grab it.  Then I panicked and made an ungraceful lunge for it.  In the process I knocked over a few hideous photo frames which the aforementioned woman caught while giving me an annoyed look.  Again, DO NOT CARE.  Fool I be lady, get the F outta my way!  I caused such a commotion that one of the workers came over and said, “Let me help you get that down.” in her best talking to a crazy lady voice.  Do not care for it is MINE.

DSC_0002Oh good gawd I love it.  It’s massive, it’s fetching, it’s MINE!


It is the rare bird that looks better close-up!



DSC_0035Dayenu already but then I spied these beauties on the shelf and flipped when both skates were actually in the box.


PRISTINE condition.

You hate me a little bit, don’t you?


The Thrift Whisperer June 12, 2008

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The store called me today, the kind of call that doesn’t need a phone. The textile portion of the store was one score after another. I went looking for something to hang at the end of the hallway to try and stop the cool air from escaping and found a thick plain white cotton curtain with big ole grommets at the top. It may have been a shower curtain in another life but will be perfect in the living room doorway. I also went looking for a some sheets to sew together and make a light summer comforter cover. Our current cover is dark brown with black circles and I love it but I’m feeling like something a little lighter would be good for summer. I found this and it’s already sewn on three sides. I just have to put on some button holes or more than likely, sew on some velcro to make a closure. I really like the colors and the swirly flower pattern that’s not too sickeningly floral. And then I came across these vintage gold brocade curtains. Yes! I am not usually a big brocade gal but these will do nicely, if not in the bedroom then somewhere else for sure.  edit:  This IKEA comforter is so scratchy.  Going to have to keep looking…

As I was jamming the stroller with all this yardage, I spied this little beauty on the floor in the children’s section. I grabbed it and took it to the register to ask the price. The guy asked if it was worth $5 to me and I said it WAS marked up with crayons and so he said, “$2.99?”!!!!!!!!!!! SOLD. It also came with some wooden doll furniture and a sofa set that looks like it came from the doll house thrift store.

If you think this house is really cute and would be great in your kid’s playroom, you should probably stop reading as we have big remodeling plans for this house. She is going to be turned into a HAUNTED HALLOWEEN HOUSE! Think black paint, spider webs, blood red shutters and many more spooky surprises. We will have to do something terrifying with this television. Maybe a tiny print of this photo taken at the zoo yesterday. It was in some weird little closed off cabin. My big guy said, “That is creepy!” and I immediately thought of Lost. It’s my nod to Jacob’s Cabin:

I will share the photos once we’ve finished, closer to Halloween. I’ll also share the story of how I went from a “it’s a manufactured, commercialized, sugar-filled’ Halloween hater to a full on Halloween enthusiast.

Hold your breath.

edit: Tone check. I’m totally mocking myself. I reread the title and along with the end of my last post I was afraid I was sounding like I was getting too big for my own (thrifted) britches!