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Vintage Photo Friday February 13, 2009

I forgot about Vintage Photo Friday!   I am sure that you didn’t though. You must have worried yourself sick, checking back every few minutes compulsively to see if I had updated.  Fret no more!

Today I present a couple of vintage photos of my Granny taken when she came to visit me when I was born in Bangkok, Thailand, 1969.


I was talking with my dad on the photo while uploading these photos (my kind of multitasking, blogging and talking on the phone instead of say, folding laundry and making dinner) and I realized that my dad and I found the dress my Granny is wearing in these shots while I was home in December.  We were sorting through the behemoth collection of items stored in my Granddaddy’s old antique store when we came across it.  I brought it home intending to sell it in my shop but am glad I didn’t get around to it!

Look how happy my Granny looks!  How brave it was of this woman to travel  all the way around the world by herself.  I believe it was the first time she had left the state of NC.  I will be keeping the dress!


And of course I used some of her clothespins to pin it to my window hanging! I really do wish she were alive and I could bring her here for dinner to meet the children, ask her stories and of course to take more photos of her.

Here are a few pages from her scrapbook of her visit to Thailand.



That yucky bit is a very vintage stick of gum.

I am lucky I come from a long line of savers.  I feel like I have such rich pieces of family history and heritage and I wish all my grandparents knew how much I appreciate and value them.


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I am so glad that she is joining me in Vintage Photo Friday.  Let me know if you would like to play along and I will link to your blog.  Cheers!


Summer Loving:: Day 3 June 18, 2008

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Photos taken during the summer of 1999, a very special summer. We had many adventures, my lovely man and I. Went to Thailand for a month to visit my parents in Bangkok and then traveled all around the country. Here are some highlights that I have no photographic proof of (or at least none that I’m sharing):

* We took an overnight train ride to a little town near the Cambodian boarder. I woke up to a blurry eyed E. who immediately threatened to, “write a letter to my congressman” about the clinking and clanking that kept him up all night. We still throw that phrase around when things aren’t to our liking and it cracks us up every time. * Getting engaged in Lumpini Park * Climbing the concrete bleachers to watch Azerbaijani play Pakistan in a match at a massive Thai soccer stadium. * Going to Koh Phra Thong for E’s birthday and waking up to the sound of monkey laughter. * Lazy jet lagged early mornings. * And of course, multiple trips to Suan Jatujak.

Here are the photos I do want to share! They are from our trip to Ayutthaya, the ancient capitol of Thailand. They were taken with my 35mm film camera and I scanned them to monster size, apparently. I have spent all the time my headache and I are able to try and fix the issue. So enjoy my super-sized vacation photos! Fries with that?