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Feeling Rather Wonton-ish November 20, 2008

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Last night was craft night, a rockin’ good time as usual!  I decided to make a pair of pants for my little one out of a thrifted sweater.  I gained inspiration here and here.  I bought a couple of sweaters on half-off day, for a buck each.  I have a really cool nubby one on deck but I started with the fake chenille sweater.

Here is my little one this morning on the way to drop his brother off at school wearing the pants that I crafted with much help from my group.


It took me three tries to get the seam right.  Kate dubbed my first attempts, “Crotch-hawk pants”.  Seems a little wrong now that I write it and there are sweet little shots of my bubulah in the pants but last night it was tear inducing hilarious.  I just could not visualize how the two arms would come together to make a pair of pants.  Chris saved the day, moving next to me and basically holding my hand through the process (Thank you muchly!).  On the third attempt they came out looking like pants.  Pants that fit my 6 year old but with a generous roll up at the bottom they are pants that fit my 2 year old as well!  The best part is that Lauren turned the body of the sweater into pants for her son, matching buddy pants!!!  I have hilarious shots of her first pass at the pants which I’ll post later with her after shot!  Funny how I didn’t manage to capture my wonky stage.  The last bit of the sweater was turned into a dickie which I can’t wait to give to my secret swap partner at the next craft night!  She’s going to LOVE it!  So don’t fret, no sweater was wasted in the making of these pants.


I encourage you to give this a go.  It is the best kind of craft; cheap, fun, a little challenging (for me anyhoo, maybe you are an A+ student) and can be done in one sitting!

Now if this was someone else’s blog they might write about how I feel asleep in this chair kate-room during Top Chef after eating a few too many wontons but since said person has not put a blog together we won’t be speaking of it.