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How Many GBs in a Stereoscope? January 22, 2009

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Last summer I bought a whole box of stereographic cards along with an old book of maps & charts of Ancient Egypt for my oldest son.  He is very into the HGTV show, If Walls Could Talk and I had planned to place these in a trunk to “find” but I couldn’t go through with it as he appreciates the exact and I couldn’t flat out lie, even to make a little magic.  But I gave him the slides and we got very excited to learn more about stereoscopy and how we could view these old and wonderful slides as they were meant to be seen.  Enter Ebay!

Today was a glorious mail day, three bundles waiting for my outstretched arms right outside my door!  One of the packages contained a stereoscope I won off Ebay (I love how we “win” things at auction.  I “won” the privilege to buy.)  Happy nevertheless!

stereo-3 stereo-close stereo-2


stero-pics pyramid stereograph

I hope I am instilling in him an appreciation of things created before his time.  My hope is especially strong as we enter this new stage in his life.  He is now part of the ipod nation.  His uncle sent him an ipod nano (which came in the mail yesterday, it’s a good mail week around here) and my morning has been full of, “Is gigabyte only a word used to measure on ipods or in the whole world?”  and “So now I have my own transportable computer?!”


Let the record show I do not have an ipod yet. After hearing me bemoan the inequity, my son suggested I open a “vintage ipod” shop so I could finally have one.  With a sly smile he described “wooden ipods” that would be more my style.

It’s a new day alright.