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Over Winter January 13, 2009

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I long for spring.

For playgrounds, walks outside, open windows, budding flowers, cookouts, and some semblance of surefootedness!

I know I will be complaining about bugs & allergies when it comes, but today I long for spring.



Hot Tips, Get Cha Hot Tips Here! May 7, 2008

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I actually won an online giveaway!!! I left a comment at This Handmade Life (check out her thoughtfully written blog and her etsy shop) and received this bundle of beautiful cards with a spring theme. I took the photo from her site as my cards have all been mailed out!

Edit: And how could I have forgotten the cool fabric stash from Mellisa at Yummy Goods? who will forever live in my memory as my FIRST win. I also plan for her current give away to be my THIRD win, I’m just sayin’!

Pondering Ponteuf is one of my favorite Etsy sellers. Are these not the perfect pants for a fairy birthday party??? (hint hint K.) I got a similar pair of her board shorts for my little one and I’ve been racking up the compliments. I only wish I could say that I made them myself! Dropping Etsy into conversations with new people is my new litmus test ok, it’s the sad way I try to make myself feel more hip. If you use the word hip, it’s a done deal you are not.

And if you are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day Card A Favortie Design has made it:

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of this fabric from MJ Kido’s etsy shop. I heard about her over at True Up which is a dangerous site if you have a fabric addiction (and I’m sure many of you do).

My friend Megin has a new blog, Labels are for Jars, that is worth a read. Here’s an excerpt from one of her posts talking about her son, aged 5, “He’s of a different ilk, this boy. He walks to the beat of his own drummer. He sees the world through different eyes. I think he’s very free, in many ways. He chooses what he likes freely, he follows his passions freely. And luckily he’s found a way to develop these passions free (or in spite of) many of the societal norms thrust (HARD) upon boys.”

I enjoy discussing education and mothering with Megin and I look forward reading more of her chronicles. Click the link. She’s out to change the world, one post at a time!

What are some of your new finds?


Happy Spring March 21, 2008

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It’s a big windy day and I’ve got kites on the brain.

E flying a kite

e and e at the park

Being a parent gives you the chance to do things you’d forgotten were fun. Like standing at the window watching the garbage being collected, skipping rocks and some good old-fashioned kite flying! I’m heading out to pick up my big guy from school and I’ve got the kite packed in the back of the car and I’m ready to FLY!

Here are some cool kite finds from Ebay to get you started on your own kite adventures:


Hi-Flier Ebay

Kite String

Ebay Kite String

Jello in the sky, why didn’t I think of this?


Kite Days

Mark Sawyer

A kite, a sky and a good firm breeze.

And acres of ground away from the trees.

And one hundred yards of clean, strong string-

O boy, O boy! I call that spring!