Paper Dolls for Boys

Raising 2 crafty boys and thrifting every chance I get.

Let ’em June 2, 2009

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In our house the boys cheer excitedly when the “Sharpie Mushroom” comes down off the shelf.  I used to call them the “Mommy Markers” but they seemed to intuit the superior quality of the Sharpies compared to their washable markers and their calls for the “Sharpie Mushroom” increasingly became louder and louder.  Then one day, I let them use them.

The house did not fall down, they did not make themselves mustachioed bandits, and the wee one didn’t even run down the hallway screaming as he made a wiggly permanent line.  All things, I guess on some level, I feared.

Sharpie Mushroom of Joy

One of my favorite projects the boys made with the Sharpies was decorating wooden clothespin dolls.

Made by Eben.

I have a thing for wooden dolls (see, I told you I’m morphing into a crazy cat lady who collects toys instead of cats) so my oldest made me this beautiful beast of a doll.  I adore the colors he chose, especially the teal boots.

He made the instrument/sculpture that sits behind the little dude at school.  I love that he goes to a school that allows him routine contact with nails.

Hell, next to nails, the Sharpies are kids-play!