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I Am Not Joking January 31, 2009

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Economy in the crapper?  Buy random products off the internet!


This showed up on our doorstep and my husband was sure it was a joke or a cover for more etsy purchases.




They are freezing as I type.  I will let you know.

And since you, like my husband, may be curious – they come in packs of 20!

Edit to add, my husband says the bidding starts at $100

Edit Again:  And I quote my FaceBook (tacky but not as bad as a freakin’ Pickle Pop!), “I am surprisingly surprised to report that Pickle Sickles are indeed as disgusting as they sound. Like eating a scratch and sniff pickle sticker.”  It was bad.  Really bad. I touched my tongue to the frozen greenness and immediately knew I would never do it again.  The good news is that I have my Yankee Swap all set for next year!  You have to look on the positive side people!

Someone turned pickle juice into money.  Respect (and puke).