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The Internet is a Jumbled Ball of Yarn, but in a Good Way March 29, 2008

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I seem to be on an envy kick and I’m going to pretend it’s a new thing.

I’ve got letterpress envy. I’ve been exploring all things letterpress on etsy and ebay. (I feel like Dave Letterman, “Oprah, Uma…”)

There is a shop called Sweetbeets on etsy that sells these eco-friendly cards I’m swooning over.


I bought the #2 card for my little guy’s upcoming second birthday (I told you I was birthday crazy) but when it came in the mail I immediately tucked it into the pile of treasures waiting to be framed. I’ve enjoyed talking with the artist, Lisa, through etsy conversations and she’s been generous enough to share her letterpress story with me. She has blogged a bit about the printing process here. She also has another site, mod eco kids, which I devoured in a late night computer binge.

Maybe you are all better at finding YOU time than me, but lately I’m all about the ‘3am just got up to pee let me check the computer’ times. I’m not saying it’s great for my general attitude the day after, but I still savor those dark, quiet moments alone.

While trawling modecokids, I came across bookhou design -so inspiring!

Check out this kid goodness:

crib_002.jpg flockmobile_001.jpg

I hope my summer includes making 2 quilts, inspired by her design, with fabrics picked out by the boys. Oh, and saving up to buy that mobile!

Arounna Khounnoraj, who is half of the bookhau team, also has an amazing kid craft oriented site. This plaster relief project has cut to the front of the line of the projects-to-be waiting impatiently in my craft room.


You’ll be surprised to discover that I was thinking this would be a perfect craft for my oldest’s summer birthday party! Ancient Egyptian artifacts anyone?

Here is a short letterpress documentary that’s interesting and informative (but if speaking so crisply is a prerequisite for being a good presser, I’m in trouble):

If you have any expertise in the art of letterpressing I’d love to hear more about the process. Unfortunately, I know my loyal reader (mom) and frequent commenter (aka, total stranger) knows diddley squat about it. But if you happen to NOT be my mom and you DO know a thing or two about, as I imagine all the cool kids call it, shoot me a line.

Hi Mom, how’s my punctuation?