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We Got Our Precipitati-ON August 14, 2008

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Tip for a kickin’ car campin’ trip:

High powered walkie-talkies. We caravaned up with our friends and each car had a talkie. We also gave each other handles:

Ice Man, Oxygen, Fever, Pussycat and Yardsale to name a few. Put your thumb on your nose if you can guess which handle was bestowed upon me. Clue: It ain’t Pussycat.

It was fun to be silly and share in the anticipati-ON of the trip to come. I highly recommend them. But don’t get your feelings hurt when on the way home, after you’ve packed up all your soaking gear and the excitement is naturally lower, radio silence is maintained. I mean how many times can you whine, “I’d pay 50 bucks for a shower” into the WT?

We camped at Pillsbury State Park in NH and had a blast despite the fact it rained pretty much the whole time. We were proud of ourselves for making it work for a couple of days but we knew when it was time to pack up and call it a trip. When the tent starts leaking, that’s a wrap. Also the camp is a “remote” site and has the unsavory combination of “pit toilets” (outhouses) and no showers. You don’t think of running water as a luxury until you don’t have it.

This is from the first night, full of promise and pioneer spirit:

And this is the next morning, still raining.

The first morning my friend and I got up and made a yummy breakfast. Blueberry pancakes with chicken sausage and Bloody Marys! We surprised the guys with a banner, thought up during our food stocking trip. My friend and I were cracking each other up, telling random people that we were going camping. Feeding off their bored and annoyed responses (or lack thereof). I’ve tried to tell a couple of people this story and it doesn’t translate. It was slap happy at it’s best though and almost as fun as the trip itself. The pancakes were super good, better than I make at home. We used bisquick, apple sauce, chai mix and a little maple syrup (egg free solutions). They were fluffy and good. Everything always tastes better camping though.

You can blame the guy in that last shot for my current addicti-ON. He got me hooked on the wordplay like in the title. For example, at night when the kids were all asleep in the tents we got our inebriati-ON (sounds like inebriashawn). As I type I realize it’s probably not as cool or funny when I break it down like that. Sorry G. I’m trying to get my imitati-ON.

Here are some shots from our trip. We’re already planning next year’s trip. Any good campgrounds to recommend?

Even though the forecast called for rain, we forgot to pack a raincoat for my youngest son. We fashioned him something from our emergency poncho that is always stuffed in the car. It didn’t slow him down any.

I don’t know what is up with my camera. I haven’t figured out how to adjust the size of the photo and now as I am trying to post they are either huge or tiny. I’m just going to treat you all like grandparents today though and ply you with tons of photos (big and small) – hope you all have gum in your purses and a big wet kiss for me and the boys when next we meet!

My husband channeling his inner Macgyver, beach umbrella as rain shield for the fire!

These are our friends. You can tell by their expressions that WE are really fun folks to camp with! And I think everyone was a little over me getting my documentati-ON.

Good friends, good fun and good times! Thanks G,L and O!

And on an unrelated note -I have scores to share with you soon. You know we hit an an antique store on the way home!

Hope you are all staying dry!