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Town Walk – Day 3ish May 1, 2008

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So happy to see the sun this morning.

After school drop off, the little guy and I headed off to my favorite place in town, the library and the garden next to it.

I love this fountain. The statue always bothers me though. It’s meant to be a “tribute” to the Native Americans who originally inhabited the area, I suppose. Or maybe it’s just public “art”. Either way, I kind of want to make my own sarcastic plaque for it reading, “Sorry about the whole manifest destiny thing”.

I guess the deal is people rub it for good luck. Don’t know how they worked that one out.

Pretty little spot though.

This is the cemetery on the other side of the library.

That’s the library in the background.

Like an idiot, I asked at the reference desk what the library policy was about taking photographs inside. The woman was stumped. She called around “upstairs” but everyone was in some kind of meeting. She said she’d like me to get permission from the director first. So I didn’t take it as a no. Honestly, with the money I’ve contributed in late fees I figure I’ve earned a couple of shots.

I covertly took this shot of the floor.

Another shot taken sub rosa. (Maybe I don’t want a bigger & “better” camera after all!)

One of my favorite parts about the library, you know other than the books, is the way you can clearly see where they’ve added on to the original structure.

I’m a super dork so I usually head right up to the 3rd floor where you can touch the details (someone else with more architectural knowledge know the terms?) of what used to be the top outside of the building. I feel a little like a bird flying up, looking for a place to build a nest.

I included this shot because it makes me feel badass. I was standing on the 4th floor and all around me were glass windows which looked into the administrative offices (I could see everyone in that meeting I mentioned earlier).

I didn’t quite get the shot I wanted but I only had the guts for one shot, maybe I’m only a badass junior.


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