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Happy Spring March 21, 2008

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It’s a big windy day and I’ve got kites on the brain.

E flying a kite

e and e at the park

Being a parent gives you the chance to do things you’d forgotten were fun. Like standing at the window watching the garbage being collected, skipping rocks and some good old-fashioned kite flying! I’m heading out to pick up my big guy from school and I’ve got the kite packed in the back of the car and I’m ready to FLY!

Here are some cool kite finds from Ebay to get you started on your own kite adventures:


Hi-Flier Ebay

Kite String

Ebay Kite String

Jello in the sky, why didn’t I think of this?


Kite Days

Mark Sawyer

A kite, a sky and a good firm breeze.

And acres of ground away from the trees.

And one hundred yards of clean, strong string-

O boy, O boy! I call that spring!