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It’s a Pirate’s Life for Me December 10, 2008

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We dredged the Chanukah box out of the basement today.


Two years ago we had “Piranukah”.  Piranukah = Pirate Chanukah, of course!

Chanukah is the one Jewish holiday that is not religiously based so we took a little liberty  and came up with Piranukah.  Here is our treasure chest that we used to store our 8 nights of gifts in and to set the tone for general pirate merriment.


Unorthodox, uh-huh.  Fun as all get out, you bet!  We’re undecided if we’re going to go with a theme this year or not.  Egyptonukah perhaps?

I’ve seen a lot of great Christmas crafts in bloggertown but haven’t found any cool Chanukah crafts.  Anyone have any on their blogs or seen some in their travels?

Thanks and have a good one, no matter what you call it!!!!