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Valentine’s This Year February 14, 2010

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My oldest made his hands into a heart and I took a shot with my iphone.  I used the lo-mob app to give it the vintage photo look and then picniked the message.  For today’s purpose, I blurred out my eldest son’s name in the bottom right corner  We printed these up and he handed (ba dum cha) them out, easy peasy.

My youngest wanted his face on the body of a bear for his Valentine this year but I had neither the talent nor the time (next year my little bear, next year…) so we went with a photo taken last year of my little guy in his big brother’s Kindergarten Valentine hat and Valentine sucker.   I really like the way it turned out.

I used Picknik on this one as well.  Both to color isolate the pop and to write the message.  That little toddler pudge of hand is melting my non-sugar heart.

Hope you are all enjoying this Valentine’s day.  I went to bed with a stomach bug (geeeeze) and am just now crawling out of the bed.  Bed —-> blog.

I did get a lovely handmade card from my love and a beautiful 3-D glass star to light up and hang on the porch.  I am grateful to be the mom of 2 sweet and funny boys and the partner to an amazing love.

Lucky me.


Quick Valentine Idea February 14, 2009

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I am coming late with the Valentine ideas but here is a fun card to make.

I made these a few years back, in my Get Crafty days, and just found the photo in the depths of my Flickr sets.


I printed vintage Bollywood posters then use repurposed cardboard and I sewed them sandwiched with vinyl. Finally, I punched some grommets in the corners to hang the cute little cheap Valentines.

And here are the presents we gave to my son’s teachers today.  He glittered up some wooden IKEA frames and picked out a vintage Valentine for each teacher from the shop.  I forgot to take a photo of them before I wrapped them.


I was laughing at how many non-laundry uses I seem to find lately for clothespins.  I love these little mini ones that I used to fasten the photo card to the package.

I am trying my hand at making some Valentine chocolates tomorrow.  Will report back.

I am a posting MACHINE this week.