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The Changling October 10, 2008

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We, the parents, fought it.  But this year we, the parents, are giving up and giving in to the ghoulish side of Halloween that has so piqued the interest of my 6 year old (with a trickle down effect to the little guy – much like the blood from the corner of a vampire’s mouth.  Waaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaa).

I try and celebrate holidays with homemade decorations but it’s getting a little harder each year.  As long as there is still some crafting and creating happening I’m okay with it.  To tell you the truth, I am not prepared to commit to the money or time it would take to craft some homemade headstones plus, I think I’d be a little squicked out with it.  So we now have store bought grave “stones” in our side yard.  Tip – I bought them the day AFTER Halloween, when they are practically giving them away, and then the “Switch Witch” traded them for the bulk of the candy collected.  Easy way to get rid of candies that may contain allergens and it’s healthier for the kiddos, not necessarily for the Switch Witch though.

My eldest mapped out the layout and excitedly arranged the spooky display.

The wind is not the friend of these Styrofoam markers!

And here is the most terrifying of all – we got a baby sleeper/skeleton costume at the thrift store last year in preparation for a true SCARE CROW or as I like to call it, a Scare Mom.  Every time I leave the house I jump.  I made it small as to not scare you. I changed my mind.

Edit – We added the bouncy eyeballs from Target into the eye sockets of the mask.  I didn’t think it could get any scarier.

We stuffed this guy with newspaper, slapped a dollar mask on him and shoved him into the bush in front of the house.  I remember being pissed at folks with this kind of decoration when my big guy was a little, easily scared, guy.  Sorry to all the moms who will walk by, clicking their tongues, skipping our house on Halloween night!  Your little darlings too will grow up and become interested in things like Zombies, swords, poo and the like.  Just wait.

My still a little guy added this touch to the display:

And lastly (for now) my youngest and I put together this Potato Head pumpkin from a kit my husband bought.  Homemade?  Nope.  Something my son excitedly taps every time he walks by it, yup.  (So am I a little defensive, maybe!)  Isn’t it funny how those who lean toward crafty feel like we have to go above and beyond and do it all with this kind of stuff?  I am not alone with this affliction, right?  I know it’s much more palatable to just present one’s stuff and not make excuses but I’m leaving in this little conversation with myself because maybe someone will relate!

We have yet to add the spider web, giant spider and bat my mom sent the boys.  Stay tuned, if you dare!


Be Afraid October 6, 2008

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Things are on the mend here, I promise this will be a Negative Nellie-free post!

We dug out the Halloween box from the basement and are going to start making the “graveyard” this afternoon. The whole “graveyard” in the special project of my oldest, he has mapped the layout and is itching to set up up (and rearrange endlessly thereafter).  We have drawn up plans for the Haunted Dollhouse and are planning our attack, I have a feeling this will be my baby project of the holiday.

We made these laboratory specimen jars (please say with La-bore-a-toreeeee with a creepy voice, we always do).  I saw the idea right after Halloween last year and we’ve been collecting bits all year in anticipation.  I found the canning jars at Charlie and Pats (world’s best thrift store) and since I couldn’t can my own can if I had to, it’s a perfect use for them.  My son just mixed food coloring and water for the mad scientist colors and added bugs, rats, skulls, eyeballs and the like.  We had planned to try some jars filled with hair gel but we had the creamy kind not the gel. Suspended gross stuff!

What are you doing for Halloween if anything?  We’re always looking for spooky fun tips and tricks.

And treats, always treats!