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Ideas & Suggestions Sought August 18, 2009

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My granny gave me this sofa.  Probably 20 years ago now.  It was in her living room since I can remember.  I think she could not really understand how we grew up, moving every couple of years as my dad got reassigned in the army.  I think she wanted me to have this beautiful sofa as a place to be “home”.  I have always thought of it as such but it’s been in storage all 20 of those years.  I finally have a home and am thrilled for this family piece to be a part of it.  The dust mite allergies are less pleased.  So we are getting it reupholstered and refibered (I just learned that term and plan to sprinkle it in my conversations today, maybe work it into Facebook…).


I need your advice, leave the wood or paint?  What to reupholster it with?  I am thinking a gray velvet or maybe an olive.  Teal?  I like the idea of a linen but I don’t think I can swing it, price wise.  Your thoughts and suggestions?


So those are the “arty” shots.  The “I have a blog,  look at my beautiful life” shots.

Here is the other shot, the “my crap is as messy as your crap” shot.

DSC_0011You are welcome.


My parents just drove this up from NC in their pull along trailer.  Along with some other bits and bobs (do not look directly at the John Deer motorized ride on toy or one might magically spring up in your back yard).


Gone Fishin’ :: Vintage Photo Friday July 10, 2009

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In keeping with the fish theme, I am sharing some family photos of successful fishing trips.

These shots taken near coastal North Carolina in the 50’s, I believe. (edit: duh, date stamped on photos)

VPF fish

This is a photo of my Granddaddy, they called him Buck.

VPF fish_0001

Dad- Is that a Wallace standing next to Granddaddy?  Is that Granddaddy’s store or Mr. Roy’s place?

VPF fish_0003

Well, that sign may answer my earlier question.

VPF fish_0004

I think this is, from the left, my cousin Laurie, her mother (dad’s sister) Aunt Betty Lou and my Aunt Lola (married to my dad’s brother).  I also think that is the backside of either a chicken or a cat in the lower left.  Neither of which I ever remember seeing in Pinetown.

VPF fish_0002

My Granny and Aunt Betty Lou in the old store in Pinetown.  Looks like they had a lot of work ahead of them.

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Wrap Up January 14, 2009

The pre-holiday build up and general busyness is such that when it is over, you just want to leave it to rest.  And so I have, but I wanted to wrap up about one last craft, some super gifts and our trip.  So forgive me for dredging it back up, won’t promise to be brief!

An unanticipated benefit to blogging is that my gifts this year were SPOT ON.  My parents are both very generous and thoughtful but some holidays past ( just sometimes Mom!) I have gotten great gifts that would have been just the thing for 10 – 20 years earlier me.  Which makes sense because that was the me they knew best.  Leopard print, I used to love it!  But this year I cleaned up!  My parents, who have been excited about and supportive of my etsy shops, really got into looking for hidden spots to get great vintage finds for me and to map for my future visits.  Cool parents, huh?  One of these “shops”, run out of someone’s garage,  is where my parents got me this little lithographed monkey that I adore. (Do not even try cousin Pat, we’re not telling the secret location!)

dsc_0111 dsc_0109

I love his combination of cheeriness and brokenness!  And I didn’t even take it personally that my mom knew just what kind of bank to get me, one that lets the money flow on through!

And my dad, understanding my penchant for everyday things and pieces connected to my grandparents, gave me a box full of the most glorious clothespins.  They are worn smooth from use by my granny in a different day.  Makes me a little less apt to complain about schlepping the clothes to the basement.




I also got these labels in their original envelop.  I am thinking of framing these.  Just beautiful! I can imagine my granny ordering these and then sewing them onto clothes, afghans and quilts made by her soft hands.  She often told me I should apply lotion more frequently because, “Soccer is going to give you rough hands”!

And my Aunt Donna, who is a super crafter who should crank out her own blog, passed along the COOLEST planters from her collection.  I was so surprised and touched by her gift.  This little chick is my favorite:


Have you ever seen such sass and pep captured in porcelain before?  Ok, coming clean – this is an area of confusion and therefore growth for me, (chant inside my head).  What is the difference between porcelain and ceramic?  I have Googled and yet still it eludes me.  Thanks Aunt Donna for your generous sharing of these vintage gems!

Phew.  I might just do this one in installments.  Yes, I will save the trip and last Chanukah craft for tomorrow.

Upon reflection, is it 12 of me to share my presents?  I feel like the kid zooming her new bike up and down the street Christmas morning, just a ringin’ that bell!


Alphabet Sunday :: F is for… December 14, 2008

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Lauren says F is for Farm:


Tracey says F is for Family:



How Ya Like These Apples? October 13, 2008

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I think it would be hard to have a crappy time while apple picking.

We go every year, usually to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, but the boys were sick during the New Year holiday.  We just squeezed it in, as today was the last day the farm was open for picking.  Luckily there were plenty of apples for picking and eating!  There was a sign saying that the apples weren’t as “pretty” this year due to a hail storm which made me love the apples more.  Tomorrow we’re making “ugly apple pie” and it’s going to taste beautiful.

I think part of the appeal (ba dum bum) is that it’s an activity that takes family team work.  We all work together to gather the apples, carry those sugar heavy orbs, and then work together to bake and eat them!  Every body is a winner and everybody works together.  Apple picking makes me gushy.

We took a hay ride and part of the ride was to “search” for the escaped magical pumpkins.   Perfect hook for my big guy.

Here is where the retired “magical” pumpkins live.

This farm is about a 40 minute drive from our house. I love living in New England.

My little guy ate 3 apples, in their entirety.   My dad says the saying used to be, “An apple seed a day keeps the doctor away” and so my little one should have a healthy winter!

Edit:  I dug up some old apple picking/pumpkin patch photos of when my big guy was a little guy.  These are from when he used to say, “punknim”.

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Paige’s at Funny Magic has some ideas and recipes for your apples! I like this great tip for “fresh” apple pie in the winter. Slice up your apples mix in some flour, sugar and cinnamon and throw the whole thing in a freezer bag and just bake it up in a pie crust or make a crumble on a dark winter day.  It’s a PLAN!

Anne at Green Jello has a cool shruken head craft that we are going to try and tackle tomorrow.

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Hope your apples are all worm-free!