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Fight the Power February 12, 2009

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My super cool friend from college, Becca, is full of great ideas!

She has a fun etsy shop:  Treehouse Togs.  And yesterday she was on TEE VEE!

I can not figure out how to stick the video in the blog but here is the link. (Anyone know how?)  She was interviewed as a small business owner reacting to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.  Check it out, it’s informative.

I just found out that the law would make it illegal to sell vintage children’s books!  Are you NUTS?   So the thrift store will no longer sell them to me?  So I can no longer sell them to you?  I know I’m coming late to the party, but I am outraged and a little scared!

***And on another note, thank you all for your fabulous ideas for the auction.  I think I have a plan (but am still accepting your sage advice) and look forward to sharing the finished product with you.


Look Who Has Been Busy in 2009 January 7, 2009

Well I’ve hit the ground running this year!  I opened up a second etsy shop.  In the words of my dear husband, “WHY?!!!!!”.   It’s called BeMyVintageValentine:


I am specializing in funky nostalgic Valentines with some antique German pull-outs thrown in.  I really like having a shop that sells a specific item.  It has a cleaner look and make the posting of items a million times easier and faster.  Not that I’ll be neglecting Paperdollsforboys well, maybe until March!

I had more in my personal collection than I realized.  This is one of the reasons selling vintage has been so satisfying for me.  I have gotten to really look at what I collect.  Appreciate what I have already by taking nice photos of them and then sending them off into the world for others to enjoy and treasure.

Here is one of the old German ones I listed today:

dsc_0081 dsc_0078

And my personal favorite, and not just because of the TWITTER reference (paperdolls4boys on Twitter if you want to hook up):


Somewhere between the polka-dots and the maryjanes I fell in love with her!

I feel a little guilty though, I will admit.  I get annoyed when I walk into Walgreens and they super jump on the holiday supplies and decorations and here I am, just squeaking into January, peddling my Valentines.  I would feel more guilty if I didn’t plan to have the shop up year round!

Vintage Valentines for ALL YOUR FRIENDS!


In the Market for a Bargain? November 8, 2008

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Today, November 8th, and tomorrow, the 9th some vintage sellers on Etsy are participating in the Vintage Market Sale. Just enter VMS into a vintage search on Etsy and there will be some bargains to be had!

I have listed some new items at a discounted price and have marked down others.  They are in the VMS section of my shop!

Convo me if you’ve had your eye on something in the shop and we just might be able to work out a deal.  I’m in the SALE spirit this weekend!

These are things I have just listed or will be listing soon.

steam-book-inside-2 steampunk-book

I’m hoping this book will appeal to all the steampunks on Etsy!

teether-1 teether-back teether-close

I got this vintage teether mint in package at Brimfield this fall.  I’m a sucker for that red background!

dsc_0097 dsc_0101 dsc_0098

Vintage metal bird sculpture, unmarked and unfazed!

Enjoy your weekends!



WhatKnot has an Etsy Shop! October 21, 2008

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Melissa from WhatKnot has opened up an Etsy shop with really lovely handcrafted items for babies and children.  Think of her when you’re filling your homemade holiday list!

I purchased a tote and crayon roll as a gift for a little girl about to turn 3, sorry if this ruins the surprise Kath.  Being the dear that she is, she included this super cute placemat and fabric markers with the tote.  My little one had a blast decorating his placemat this morning, drawing a basketball, a nose with chuggas (you can guess what those are), the family, and a potty on it.  It was exciting to watch him feel very proud of himself decorating what I thought was going to be a placemat.  When he finished he informed me he would like it to be hung up with the curtain in the living room, pointing to the window and his work and saying, “Up, up, up!!!”.  So now it’s on display for everyone, but most importantly it’s on display for him.

Thank you Melissa for the wonderful gift and for making good old fashioned things that help kids learn, grow and feel good about themselves (without flashing lights and a talking donkey)!


Breaking News… October 17, 2008

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I’m the maracas!  Well, I’m the curator this time of a Treasury that made it to Etsy’s FRONT PAGE!!!

The treasury is called, GET STUFFED, and it features taxidermy and taxidermy inspired greatness.  Checka, checka check it OUT.

And in case you’re in the market for some vintage funk – come on in to the DOLLHOUSE!


WHOOT! August 20, 2008

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I made the front page Etsy Treasury thing!!! I’m the maracas.

I logged on for the millionth time and THERE IT WAS! My husband who was cutting colonial paper dolls for the birthday party (and I quote, “These things are asinine”) tried to be happy for me but Treasury West doesn’t quite have the meaning for him as it does for me and all my Etsy addicted friends!

I’d like to thank Strange Little Bird and Painted Horse Creations

for coming to the rescue of a stranger and capturing the screen for me. Check out their cool etsy shops as they should have some good karma coming there way!

How is it that etsy is calorie free?


Etsy Crash Course August 4, 2008

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Just as I am not qualified to dispense dietary tips or etiquette lessons, I feel a little funny writing an Etsy “round-up” with one sale under my belt. But I thought it would be helpful for me, and maybe to you, to have all the tips, tricks and links that I am quickly amassing gathered in one spot.

I have been immersed in Etsy this past week. I have dabbled in Etsy from the buyers side but it’s a whole different ball of wax over here on the sellers side. It has been fun staging my shots, figure out the lighting (still not right), researching information about my items and learning the Etsy ropes in general. Posting is a much longer process than I anticipated. A wise woman tried to tell me that it was exhausting having an Etsy shop and now I hang on her every word.

Here are some links that I am finding useful as I dive into the etSEA:

Majaba This is a meter of sorts that allows to view your item views, and heart tallies.

Helpful Etsy Links Compiled by LooseWire Word on the street is she is Queen of Etsy, I kowtow.

Etsy Wiki

FAQ Etsy Sellers

Ultimate Newbie Guide

Etsy Fee Calculator

Edit to add new links:

Here is a thread I started in the site help section of the forums titled What Else Don’t I Know About Etsy?

I found much of the information posted above in this thread. Thank you to all the Etsians took the time to share.

Did your parents ever read you the book about Cold Pricklies and Warm Fuzzies? It’s a, ahem, vintage children’s book my parents used to read to my brother and I in an effort to teach us about manners. We are not glowing endorsements but my point is the other sellers on Etsy so far have been total Warm Fuzzies. Very helpful and willing to share their knowledge to help out someone potentially “in competition” with them.

If you have any Etsy seller Tips or Tricks not listed above please feel free to share.

I am still wondering if there is an Etsy Vintage community/group/team that I could join? Anyone know?

Fyi I can’t put up a cute little Etsy button on WP so I have listed my shop on the blogroll for now, until I decide if I am going to jump to another server and photoless posts bother me more than posts with photos that do not really pertain to the text so here are a few shots from the shop: