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Duckie Love August 31, 2009

Thanks all for the extremely nice comments.  Glad you like our little under the stairs bathroom.  I imagine all my bloggy folks appreciate it much more than some of the people who will actually park their bums in there.  My FIL, for example, is probably not going to “get” our vision of a surprise woodland.


I thought I’d share some more snippets of a room still coming into shape.

The boys share a room and each gets his own wall space.  My youngest is still taken with all things duckies and here is his display area.  I still have to hang the banner from his party, me + ladders are not a great match.

Vintage Duckies

I got a bunch of vintage chalkware ducks from etsy and ebay, hope to supplement collection with thrift scores to come.  Good friends gave him the top framed rubber duckie photo for his and I took the bottom shot at the carnival this summer.  On the shelf (which is not quite the right size yet) sits a vintage valentine I gave him last year, more chalkware,  old book and a duck & egg toy I got from Charlie and Pats.


3 little ducks went out to play…

Boy's RoomThe previous owners painted the ceiling to look like a lovely calm sky.  The boys love it.

The center curtains I scored at the thrift store, new and unopened for 4 bucks (I think) and the side windows have panels from The Christmas Tree Shop.  Cheap cheap but are working well in their room and is keeping it from being a TOTAL Ikea experience.

If anyone would like to join my Flickr group, Just Moved, please do!  You do not need to have just moved (as the name would imply).

I also just found this Flickr group that I’m digging, Thrift Store Decor.  Wish I had thought of it first.


Good Old Timey Carnival July 5, 2009

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Yesterday we went to the local carnival which always lands over the 4th of July weekend.  We have meant to go for the past 3 years but something always came up.  So glad we made the time to go yesterday with our good friends.


We saw a dragon roller coaster.


Shoved our trash into the mouth of a clown trash can!  I am thinking this could get BIG money on ebay.

3689089062_c0040d7f2d_oWe coveted stuffed junk!

3689201170_4078062f3a_bWe found a clown shooting gallery.


And acted accordingly.

3688381269_9cdfd77c40_bWatched other, braver, folks ride the Viking Ship.


I was blissed out, surrounded by all the colors and vintage carnie goodness.

3689105652_75d05b67c4_bThis reminds me to brag about my SERIOUS faux bois score.  I scored a FREE 4 drawer filing cabinet off Craigslist.  It is a vintage beauty and photos are sure to follow once we’re settled into the new house.  Now back to the carnival…


All 3 of my men, 2 wee ones and my man, climbed through the obstacle course.  Some faster than others! 😉


The signs were gorgeous.


My youngest covered his ears to try and block out all the massive carnival noise, even said no to cotton candy because he had no free hands.  But then, then he spotted the duckie pond.


I wanted to buy/steal the aqua and red duckie.  I settled for a photograph.  Life rule # 427, Do not mess with CARNIES.


SHAZAM! (taken through the viewfinder of my vintage Kodak Duaflex)