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Craft Room, In Progress January 24, 2010

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You’ve seen this space as it has progressed, here and here.

If I waited until it was “done” we’d all be done with blogging so I thought I’d put up what I’ve got up.

I’m standing in the doorway, taking this shot.  The room is longer than it is wide.  A funky little space that came with this great built-in bookcase.  The previous owners used it as a little girls room:


I had some much needed help from my friend Kate and son painting the walls and shelves.  It was a bigger job than I anticipated and hence, the only room I have repainted thus far.  Kate?

A lot of these shots are taken on different days at various times of the day.   Plus I am sure I punched up the color on some of the ones in my rare, non-lazy moments.

Decoupaged the closet door with sewing tissue paper.  I had planned to do the backs of the shelves with the same treatment but realized it would take forever and wouldn’t showcase my collections as well as just the blue (am looking up the color in the basement, will report soon).

I have yet to hang this blue door I found on the curb.  I am replacing the entry door with it.   Big plans for that puppy.  Will unveil that after February break, it’s on the list.


Some of my collections.

Antlers and wooden bits on the left and wooden men with moustaches on the right.  Line ’em up!



I am still digging on my granny smock curtains.  I got them at my most favorite thrift store (miss you Charlie and Pat) and saved them for a year before I moved without a clear plan but when I painted this room the Dark Celery color, I knew they would be perfect!  I love it when it when stuff works out.  My collection of faux bois metal boxes, not working as much.  Not even going to talk about my attempted IKEA hack on that little yellow table.

Craft corner.  I did not clean up for you.  Trying to show all the bits, not just the pretty posed bits (and there are TONS of them as well).  I keep all my stamps, thread and various other little bits of crafting crap in the tangerine crates.  Luckily my youngest can eat his way through a crate a week so I have no shortage of storage.

“No Soliciting”, a nicer way of saying, “Leave me alone!”.

Just got a new Brother sewing machine from Costco.  Still trying to figure out how to thread it.  I think I can, I think I can…

This is a shot of my old craft room focal wall.  I took it TTV (through the viewfinder) and it might be one of my favorite photos I have taken, not including the kiddos.  I loved the fabric hoops on this wall but wanted something a little different this time around.  I had planned to put Fishel up on the long wall in my new space but couldn’t figure out how to a fix him to our plaster and lath walls.

Here is what I could hang using twine and push pins.  Thanks to Meg (and Stacy) for letting me “store” these amazing finds in my little craft room.

And this is what I love best about my craft room.; room for my boys to join me in crafting fun and memories.  And since I am still in that “keeping it real” phase, moments after this was taken I believe I made my oldest cry because I was too impatient with his sewing skills.  Well, here’s to more and BETTER memories in my craft room!


Coming Along August 20, 2009

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Craft Room Closet Door

You are looking at my craft room closet door.  I decoupaged vintage sewing pattern tissue on the door, I had planned to put in on the back of the shelves but switched plans to something easier and ultimately, I felt, more impactful.  I found the blue door on the curb, didn’t paint it.  Found it, put on for trash, that beautiful color with amazing hardware.  It’s too wide for the craft room doorway so I’ve got to cut it down to size.  I have big plans for that door, so stay tuned!

I hung the antlers from my Pop on the closet door to hold all my thrifted hoops.  I don’t embroider but my old craft room had lots of fabric filled embroidery hoops.   I am feeling them as they are this time around.


I forgot to announce the winner of the Name That Fish Contest:

And the winner is, Sharon with: Fishel: Yiddish name meaning little fish.   The boys had other favorites (Natalies‘ Phinneas was a favorite because of Phinneas and Ferb) and there were some good ones (Visty’s Swordid was my second favorite).  But since the fish will be hanging in my craft room I felt I should decide.  So Fishel it is.  Made me laugh,  like the idea of crafting under an old Jewish swordfish.

So I will be sending out some gee gaws and doo dads to you Sharon in a less than timely manner!  Wait for it!


Hoop Dreams May 27, 2009

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Craft room snippet taken through the viewfinder of my vintage camera.

Tiny bit of the craft room taken this morning.

I have big plans for those antler in the little bathroom under the stairs in the new house!


Bloggy Playdate January 4, 2009

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Yesterday I met my first virtual friend in person.  Mimi Kircher, funky doll creator  mimis-tattooed-man-doll2 and all around amazing artist, invited me over for tea, a chat and to check out her studio.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to hanging out again!  It was fun to talk blog, flickr, fabric, family, etsy, and art with her.  In addition to chatting, I could have spent hours just photographing her home.  It was chock full of life and creativity.  I think if I could make up an ideal job for myself it just might be photographing the living spaces of others – peeking behind the curtains!

Here are some shots from her studio:





And I took this one on the way down from her attic studio.  The portrait is of her as a child and the woman in the mirror is the talented Mimi herself.


I was trying to explain to my husband that this was MAJOR blog fodder, meeting Mimi Kirchner!

I couldn’t show up empty handed. I was inspired by her quote in the latest Craft Magazine about the oft used phrase, “This is not your grandmother’s craft”.  Click on the link and read it, it’s a good one.


I sewed some buttons from my Granny’s tin on a vintage piece of linen with lovely french knots (a skill which escapes me).

So thanks for a lovely afternoon, Mimi, and for sharing your non-virtual space with me!

And if you’d like to check out more of her work, including the very fine mustachioed and tattooed men, click here to be whisked away to her etsy shop.


New Year, New Room January 2, 2009

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I am not a believer in Feng Shui, mostly because I know very little about it.  But as I walked down my hallway and counted no less than 7 piles  to step over I started think of them as obstacles.  Not just piles but hurdles that are accumulating in our lives that just can not be good for our mental health.  Or physical for that matter, poor little guy slipping and tripping down the hallway as he runs at full speed (is there any other speed?).  So I spent the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009 picking up piles.  Instead of focusing on the fact that in their place more piles would sprout up magically and instantaneously,  I let the piles lead me, like Hansel and Gretel, to the biggest pile in the house – the craft room.

I was so embarrassed by the “before” shots that I tagged them private!  I’ll put up the afters because honestly, being accountable on the blog was a big motivator, but the shots don’t capture the room or the feeling I get being in it. Taking them at different times in the day did not help.  Ok, excuses over.  Funny but I feel a little nervous about sharing my little sanctuary.

Jumping now:


I bought the depressed looking lady I named Maudlin Maude from my cousin’s booth at the Antique Mall near my parent’s house.  I added a bit of ephemera to her in hopes of cheering her up.  My cousin refuses to share her  source of great thrift in Washington, NC so if any readers have any NC tips for me, I’m listening!  (Hi Pat, Thrift over family?!!!!  Soooo not my style!)


I got the paint by numbers in Delaware on the trip down. My husband pulled over because I was losing it in the car.  I got 3 PBNs at a super price!  And you’ll recognize the vintage suit my little guy wore to the Bar Mitzvah. Makes me smile every time I look at it.


My calm collection


I love this corner.  It’s stuffed with my some of my packing supplies and yet remains cheery!

I don’t have the heart to get the rest of my NC scores up from the basement because I’m thinking the room has reached maximum capacity!

It is a tiny room full of my crafting supplies and collections to keep &  sell but I love it now that I can walk in (without obstacles), sit, breathe and work.

What do you do for storage in your craft room?  Love to see links to photos you have shared of your creative spaces!

Happy 2009