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Classroom September 22, 2009

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I have been remiss in posting.

Going back to work after 7 years at home will do that to a blogger.  That and the fact my keyboard has decided it will no longer put out the letters ‘h’ or ‘y’ so every time you see them, know that I cut and pasted each badboy .  Not fun.  And not to sound like a complete whining baby but something is seriously wrong with WP and/or my computer because it took 13 minutes to post each photo.  And now to rapidly move from whining to bragging, photos taken on my new iphone (using the Polaroid app).  Woot!!!

Sharing of a bit of what has kept me from you:

My teaching partner and I worked really hard to set up the classroom this summer.  She has taught in the room for a long time so even though we made some changes, I am not taking even half the credit!


Art area.


Wall in the math area.




The building area.

I particularly love the chalk board where kiddos can plan a building, make a representational drawing of their structure, or just doodle!


Dramatic play after some serious work of play.


There were more photos but due to the crazy time thing, I’m holding at 5.

The transition from stay at home mom to a working outside the home one has been a relatively smooth transition.  Ok, the first week we did leave the house at 7:30am, both of us thinking the other had locked up.  I came home with the boys after school, errands and dinner out at 7:00pm to find our door WIDE open.  Two nice police officers walked through the house to confirm that yes, we were at once the flakiest and luckiest residents in town that day.

So schedules will evolve but the good news is that I was ready to go back to work, I got my dream job at a school of amazing teachers, I highly respect the game of my teaching partner,  I love our sweet little class of kiddos, and I still GOT IT (it just moves a little slower)!

So just a check in to say that I miss your blogs, I miss VPF (keep ‘er strong), I miss blogging and I miss you but I will ride again!