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1 Year Blog Anniversary March 10, 2009

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Thursday is my 1 year blog anniversary and it’s got me tongue tied and frozen. I am feeling the pressure to come up with a good give away, as I believe the tradition to be.  I also wanted to re-post some of my earlier entries, but I can not figure out how to do it.

I started without a working camera so all my shots were captured using the computer cam – yeah, it was not pretty but I just jumped.   And am extremely glad I did.  I have grown to know, and even meet a couple,  amazing folks through blogging.  I have gotten advice and support from you and every bit of it has touched my heart.  It has made some crappy situations tolerable because I knew it was going to be good blog fodder (I am talking about you public banana eater).  Blogging has reconnected me with my love for photography and has given me an outlet to experiment, learn and share.  Paper Dolls for Boys also gave me the focus and confidence to open my first Etsy shop (although long ignored, I shall soon resuscitate her).

From reading your blogs, I have laughed out loud (with you, with you all the way), tried new recipes, gotten ideas for crafts to do with my boys or try myself, related to you and your daily mom-ness, reveled in your creative endeavors and kind community spirit.  You all make me aspire to be a better blogger.


I will be revealing the contents of the giveaway little by little.  As I figure it out really – I am thinking some vintage goodness is in order, books, fabric and general doo daddery. Part one of the giveaway is this “polaroid” esque photo of my Etsy boyfriend and all around mascot.   I adore him and he stands short on a shelf above my computer watching, always watching.

So if you would like to enter in my 1 year anniversary giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment on this post.  I think I’m kicking it old school and drawing names from a hat.  If you want to be entered twice, tell me a good joke in your comment.  I will leave it open until 6:00pm on Sunday the 15th and announce the winner soon after.

I appreciate your willingness to jump in with me and travel together in our little blog cell.  I am not a gushy type gal but I hope you are picking up what I am putting down!