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Out of Habit January 20, 2012

This has been an amazing year for me.  A year in which I have transformed my body, with the help of gastric bypass surgery.  A year in which I have been lucky enough to have a fresh start.  To learn new habits (I’m talking about you grapefruit), a year in which I have gotten to play with fashion again (I love you thrift store).  I’ve gotten out of the habit of blogging.  Blogging has always been a place to connect with folks, to gain inspiration from your photography and  learn from your perspectives.  I miss it.  It was also a place where I could hide, hide from being fat.

I haven’t hidden the fact I had surgery in my real life.  If I could’ve kept being fat a secret, I would’ve kept the surgery secret, I suppose, but that’s one of the many things that suck about being fat – it’s all out there for folks to see.  It’s the first thing they see and sometimes, the only.  So I am out of habit of blogging but learning to break the habit of trying to hide.  I am ruminating on this here blog, this here journey and what I might like to say on the former about the latter.  So in the meantime, here is me.

I might should have written “Before” & “During” because it’s a process.  A lifelong process.

On the left you have one of the FEW fat photos of me.  At my heaviest I reached 302.  On the right you have a photo taken by a college friend who I went to see for the weekend in NYC.  Something I would never have, could never have done a year ago.

My little squirrel stomach is nervous as I prepare to “publish” this.  That photo on the left, a photo of me, is something I lived in fear of ever finding its way online.  But here I sit, dreaming of grapefruit and ruminating.   More choices, more life, more love and, maybe, more blogging to follow.


Before & After & More Before July 11, 2009

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We found 2 of these chairs on the curb one night on the way to dinner at our friends’ place.  It was about 6 or 7 years ago and they have been in our basement since.  My husband and I toyed with the idea of reupholstering them ourselves but it is not a hobby for the dust mite allergic.  Now that we are moving from our very small apartment into a house, we finally got them restored and reupholstered.






I also found a midcentury tile topped teak side table on the curb that I have since put in between the chairs.  This is basically the only furniture in the new place so far.

And Before Again:

Surprising thing I have enjoyed about the process of moving # 1 = getting rid of STUFF.  As you may recall, I have trouble with stuff, so weeding out has been freeing.  And yet, as I have been tossing junk at the thrift store as fast as I can, a steady stash of new treasures has been flowing into the garage.


Can I just say that I never thought I would post a photo of our garage on here.

Check out the door someone put on the curb!  It has it’s original door knob and handle and it’s just beautiful.  I have plans for this door in my new craft room.  Thrifted green chair also headed to the craft room, I have already cut off the skirt and vacuumed round 1 of the cat hair off it.  Peeking out from the back are some red lockers mined from Craigslist that we’re going to use in the entryway.  Can you see the Lucite bar cart or is it like Wonder Woman’s plane?  I got the baby scale and the chalk board at the same yard sale.  I think I got them both for 5 dollars.  The baby scale may make an appearance in the bathroom and the chalkboard either in the kitchen or rec room.  In the trash bag is a vintage croquet set I got at auction in NC for CHEAP!  We brought it to the new house last night for a BBQ and I heard myself telling the children, “Those are not HAMMERS!” as they used the mallets to beat the yard.  Maybe they will be tucked away on the porch or I’ll put my wine down, stop talking with my friends, get up off my butt and show them how to actually play the game.  One or the other…

So stick with me, this is probably going to turn into a house blog for a spell here!