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6 Random Facts Meme July 29, 2008

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I am pretending Lisa of Spoonful of Sugar tagged me personally for this as well as fronting that I know exactly what meme means. Check out her Baby Lime Syrup Cakes, my eyes got fat just looking at them.

6 random facts, ahem, meme:

1. While crossing the street in Pattaya Beach, I was hit by a prostitute (I’m not judging, just reporting the facts) driving a motorcycle who shouted at me while I was down, “F@ck you! I beep horn! Why you not look? ” I lay there bleeding and bruised and flung back at her, “Mee ben ha, lur?” which means, You got a problem? It was all I could come up with in Thai and it was lame. Ask my brother about it, he’s still laughing about how I got pwned.

2. In High School I traveled to Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Indonesia with my soccer team (Captain typing – of team, not plane). Also on board -the boys soccer team and both volleyball teams! Can you imagine booking a flight only to find yourself surrounded by a plane full of lawless teenagers?

3. I got married in pants and we had a juke box at the reception (in our yard).

4. I am scared of butterflies. It’s like they have no sense of direction.

5. I think deeply about television.

6. I have almost drowned a couple of times. The first time was when I was 1, I went to dunk my playdough in the water and fell into the pool. My mom jumped in with all her clothes on to fish me out. I was also pulled onto shore by lifeguards at the beach when I was around 9 (don’t remember the exact age). My 2 friends and I were playing on a raft in the waves of Florida and we drifted out. My 2 friends abandoned ship and swam for the shore, but being a weak swimmer and scared sh@tless, I held on. I still can’t really swim properly, the face under water arms alternating forward side breathing kind of way. I’m sure I’ll learn the proper term once the Olympics start!!!

Cheeks as a flotation device.

I encourage anyone, who is into it, to participate in the 6 Random Facts Meme. Just let me know so I can laugh at with you! But I have to say it was harder than I thought it was going to be to dredge up random facts. Have at it!