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Allow Me to Bore You September 7, 2009

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Attic in it’s raw state.


After the insulation spray foam guys were through. (P.U.)


After they laid the blue board.


It’s still really wet in this shot so you can’t see how beautiful the plaster looks.


And a different angle of the attic.


There is still more work to be done.  Painting and flooring being the biggest two.

But it looks like a livable space now and we’re getting really excited to see the finished rooms!


Duckie Love August 31, 2009

Thanks all for the extremely nice comments.  Glad you like our little under the stairs bathroom.  I imagine all my bloggy folks appreciate it much more than some of the people who will actually park their bums in there.  My FIL, for example, is probably not going to “get” our vision of a surprise woodland.


I thought I’d share some more snippets of a room still coming into shape.

The boys share a room and each gets his own wall space.  My youngest is still taken with all things duckies and here is his display area.  I still have to hang the banner from his party, me + ladders are not a great match.

Vintage Duckies

I got a bunch of vintage chalkware ducks from etsy and ebay, hope to supplement collection with thrift scores to come.  Good friends gave him the top framed rubber duckie photo for his and I took the bottom shot at the carnival this summer.  On the shelf (which is not quite the right size yet) sits a vintage valentine I gave him last year, more chalkware,  old book and a duck & egg toy I got from Charlie and Pats.


3 little ducks went out to play…

Boy's RoomThe previous owners painted the ceiling to look like a lovely calm sky.  The boys love it.

The center curtains I scored at the thrift store, new and unopened for 4 bucks (I think) and the side windows have panels from The Christmas Tree Shop.  Cheap cheap but are working well in their room and is keeping it from being a TOTAL Ikea experience.

If anyone would like to join my Flickr group, Just Moved, please do!  You do not need to have just moved (as the name would imply).

I also just found this Flickr group that I’m digging, Thrift Store Decor.  Wish I had thought of it first.


Bathroom Redo August 28, 2009

Before we Bought it:


The bathroom wasn’t properly vented, which I thought meant a fan but it means something I don’t quite understand about the pipes and gas and stuff.  So we had to take it to the studs



After (but not quite done):

Under the StairsWe got the Cole & Sons wallpaper (I’m the last to jump on the bandwagon, I’m a big girl so I run walk slowly).  I also would like to add that the periwinkle step thing is also a “before”.  On the list of things to rectify.

I bought if from Rose & Radish and I have to say the owner, Cate, was delightful to talk with over the phone.

Smallest Sink we Could Find

It was my husband’s idea to do the “grass” tiles.  We love it!

Tiny sink

Not quite done, still have to install the super cool mirror I scored on ebay and put in a handle.  But I could not wait to share!

Where the Wild Things Are

Hard to take a photo  inside the tiny bathroom but you get the idea.  We were going for a secret little woodland world under the stairway.

Edit to add: Want to acknowledge the other players on the team -wish we were DIYers but we’re really not.  Our contractor is AMAZING.  He thought of things I would never have like mimicking the trim around the door so it relates with the rest of the house and the baseboard molding, nice touch.   My husband had the idea for the grass flooring and our contractor hunted a distributor down.  I love that my husband trusts my instincts but also brings so much to the creation of our home.


Thanks for all the kind words.  I am embarrassed to admit how good it feels to read them.


Coming Along August 20, 2009

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Craft Room Closet Door

You are looking at my craft room closet door.  I decoupaged vintage sewing pattern tissue on the door, I had planned to put in on the back of the shelves but switched plans to something easier and ultimately, I felt, more impactful.  I found the blue door on the curb, didn’t paint it.  Found it, put on for trash, that beautiful color with amazing hardware.  It’s too wide for the craft room doorway so I’ve got to cut it down to size.  I have big plans for that door, so stay tuned!

I hung the antlers from my Pop on the closet door to hold all my thrifted hoops.  I don’t embroider but my old craft room had lots of fabric filled embroidery hoops.   I am feeling them as they are this time around.


I forgot to announce the winner of the Name That Fish Contest:

And the winner is, Sharon with: Fishel: Yiddish name meaning little fish.   The boys had other favorites (Natalies‘ Phinneas was a favorite because of Phinneas and Ferb) and there were some good ones (Visty’s Swordid was my second favorite).  But since the fish will be hanging in my craft room I felt I should decide.  So Fishel it is.  Made me laugh,  like the idea of crafting under an old Jewish swordfish.

So I will be sending out some gee gaws and doo dads to you Sharon in a less than timely manner!  Wait for it!


Ideas & Suggestions Sought August 18, 2009

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My granny gave me this sofa.  Probably 20 years ago now.  It was in her living room since I can remember.  I think she could not really understand how we grew up, moving every couple of years as my dad got reassigned in the army.  I think she wanted me to have this beautiful sofa as a place to be “home”.  I have always thought of it as such but it’s been in storage all 20 of those years.  I finally have a home and am thrilled for this family piece to be a part of it.  The dust mite allergies are less pleased.  So we are getting it reupholstered and refibered (I just learned that term and plan to sprinkle it in my conversations today, maybe work it into Facebook…).


I need your advice, leave the wood or paint?  What to reupholster it with?  I am thinking a gray velvet or maybe an olive.  Teal?  I like the idea of a linen but I don’t think I can swing it, price wise.  Your thoughts and suggestions?


So those are the “arty” shots.  The “I have a blog,  look at my beautiful life” shots.

Here is the other shot, the “my crap is as messy as your crap” shot.

DSC_0011You are welcome.


My parents just drove this up from NC in their pull along trailer.  Along with some other bits and bobs (do not look directly at the John Deer motorized ride on toy or one might magically spring up in your back yard).


Habitat August 17, 2009

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My youngest son calls the side porch his “habitat”.

We are all looking to create spaces of our very own in the new house.


Old thrifted Boston Public School desk & chair set that they boys are enjoying turning into a rocket console, time travel capsule and just plain sitting spot.


My oldest reading his new favorite, Tin Tin.


Enjoying the shadows in the early a.m.


Learning more about this house every day.


They Call it Chowdah August 4, 2009

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So did you know that movers have a term for all the unpacked crap that is unyet boxed when they arrive?  I did not know until last Tuesday.

Sweet shit moving is hard.  A lot harder 7 years, 2 kids, a mess of lbs, and a festering thrift addiction later I TELL YOU.

I am embarrassed to admit that I actually had visions a plan to set my craft room up (in it’s entirety) the first night.  I am laughing at my former, less exhausted self and her silly plans.

I think I was prepared for the physical strain of moving but it was/is the emotional stress that has clocked me.  The public-ness of the process was not enjoyable, it felt a little like going outside with your pants down.  First folks come in and throw your stuff around, exposing all kinds of crud underneath, then they march out the door, displaying your junk until it gets to the truck.  Then you turn around and put on a show of excess for your new neighbors.  Delightful.

I (kinda) wish I had gotten a photo of all the trash we left in front of our old apartment.  It was an embarrassing mound, an embarrassing mound that spanned the entire length of the property – double lined.  And usually I am a good donater or freecycler but time was falling on our heads and we just put it all to the curb.  A couple of folks pulled over (after my own heart) to trash pick.  So much “chowder” was left in our apartment and we needed the stuff out in  2 days if we wanted our deposit back, and we DO. (Hello sectional sofa!)

I will stop complaining now because these are good changes that are happening.  I will appreciate and embrace them with grace, right?

Random shots from around the house:


Newel post at the base of the front stairway.


Above the stove.


Bit of the kitchen floor, original to the house, which is almost 100 years old.


Don’t YOU have a toilet in your yard?


Vintage Photo in Kitchen (will hopefully be back to Vintage Photo Friday next week).


The Bromeliads are from our thoughtful neighbors!


Snippet of the craft room.  Excuse the blur but somehow a blurry photo of cameras made me laugh.


More display of my collections in the craft room.

I still have a crush on my Etsy Boyfriend there in front.  Isn’t he handsome?  Wish he could help me unpack though…

I started a Flickr group called, Just Moved.  Please join if you’ve moved in the last year (or ever in your life!) and share your thoughts and photos.