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Never Fancied Myself a Rainbow Kind of Gal… August 10, 2009

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Rainbow on my 40th

I tried last night to come up with wise words on turning 40.  But word retrieval issues kept getting in my way.

Sage advice from a 40 year old:  Do not play Taboo during your birthday weekend.  Just skip it, politely decline or scream, “NO FUCKING WAY” at the top of your lungs.  Seriously.

You see, I was once a fairly competitive gamer.  At least in my own head.  My husband and I were in a regular game group, before kids, and loved it.  I may have developed a bit of a reputation as being a little too competitive.  But I just called it being a WINNER.  So it was with a touch of this former glory that I approached the game last weekend.  Let’s just say I blew out the candles on humble pie for my birthday.  I completely and utterly stunk.  I believe the jewel on my birthday crown was when I had the word, Ballistic, and I said, “He went BLANK.” over and over until that little sand timer mercifully played me off like keyboard cat.

edit to add, YOU MUST WATCH THIS.  If ever I am down, this never fails to bring the mirth.

Yeah, so I am happy with 40.  Not freaked out about the number.  Just a little freaked out that I need to shop at the large print section of the bookstore, that my butt needs it’s own pull behind wheeled trolley, and that I appear to be just a shadow of my former Gamer self.  But I still challenge anyone to beat me at AIR HOCKEY.  I reign SUPREME.


The Whole Wide World August 5, 2009

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Night Swimming


Good Old Timey Carnival July 5, 2009

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Yesterday we went to the local carnival which always lands over the 4th of July weekend.  We have meant to go for the past 3 years but something always came up.  So glad we made the time to go yesterday with our good friends.


We saw a dragon roller coaster.


Shoved our trash into the mouth of a clown trash can!  I am thinking this could get BIG money on ebay.

3689089062_c0040d7f2d_oWe coveted stuffed junk!

3689201170_4078062f3a_bWe found a clown shooting gallery.


And acted accordingly.

3688381269_9cdfd77c40_bWatched other, braver, folks ride the Viking Ship.


I was blissed out, surrounded by all the colors and vintage carnie goodness.

3689105652_75d05b67c4_bThis reminds me to brag about my SERIOUS faux bois score.  I scored a FREE 4 drawer filing cabinet off Craigslist.  It is a vintage beauty and photos are sure to follow once we’re settled into the new house.  Now back to the carnival…


All 3 of my men, 2 wee ones and my man, climbed through the obstacle course.  Some faster than others! 😉


The signs were gorgeous.


My youngest covered his ears to try and block out all the massive carnival noise, even said no to cotton candy because he had no free hands.  But then, then he spotted the duckie pond.


I wanted to buy/steal the aqua and red duckie.  I settled for a photograph.  Life rule # 427, Do not mess with CARNIES.


SHAZAM! (taken through the viewfinder of my vintage Kodak Duaflex)


Rainy Day Recipe June 22, 2009

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Rainy Day Recipe:

Antsy Kiddo

Vintage Buttons

Thrifted Tins

Kitchen Spoon

Camera (to entertain antsy adult)


rainy button sort

Rainy Day Sort

Yellow Duckie Button

Me, messing around with some ‘colorways’.

Rainy Spoon

And now, for the final ingredient in the recipe:



Feeling Right Proud of the Kid… May 12, 2009

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Dressed himself for school this morning.

dressed himself and everything!


The Force is Strong With This One… April 29, 2009

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So this is not the Star Wars post I’ve been writing in my head for months but I wanted to document so I can remember.


Tonight I took a deep breath, reached for the Star Wars sticker book and asked, “Hey, you want to do some Star Wars stickers together?”  My son looked a little surprised and very pleased.  We snuggled up on the sofa with the sticker book and then he said, “I’m touched you asked me to do this with you Mom.”   It was a moment filled with bliss and love and victory and it was also a reminder.  A reminder for me to make the effort to understand and connect through his interests, it is a finite amount of time this open book stage.


“I am touched you asked me to do this with you…”  A powerful reminder that he does notice all those times I am not only unable to pick a favorite droid, debate the moral compass of the storm troopers, or choose which light saber I think is the most powerful but that sometimes I am unable to hide my annoyance.  I will savor this moment and hope to remember to make more of them.


Never a Dull Moment April 15, 2009

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My soon to be 3 year old asked for a “Mohawk” the other night while I was reading a story to him at bedtime.  I non-Mohawk related story, for the record.  I spiked up his hair using his big brother’s hair gel. “BIG BIG BIG Spikes” was the direction he gave.


He tried to sleep sitting up so it wouldn’t flatten his hair.

Where does this come from? This is a kid whose mother (i.e., ME) does not wear make-up and is lucky to brush her own hair.

So this morning he insists upon wearing these shoes from dress up to his class.


After making his way to the car with these thrifted babies, each on the wrong foot,  he decided to go with the back up shoes I packed.  A more sensible flat.

Then is his class he tied my arm to a chair.  Don’t worry, he was able to articulate all the sounds in the words, KNOT & TIGHT.  Woot!


Just wanted to share little snippets from our day, and we’re only just past noon.