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NYC Vintage Photographs February 26, 2011

I never know what to call her.  Well, I always called her Aunt Nancy but she wasn’t my aunt.  Maybe 3rd cousin or something, not sure.  But in the Southern tradition as she was my elder, I respectfully called her Aunt Nancy.  So in that round a bout & rambling way I introduce you to my Aunt Nancy and her wonderful collection of tourist photographs from NYC.  Enjoy, it looks like she did.

Ack, the hats, the suits, the clothes, the hair.  It’s so very Mad Men (which I ate in one big gulp – thank you itunes.)


Statue of Liberty sun bleached and beautiful.


One of my favorites is what I assume to be a shot taken while up on the statue.


This must have been quite a culture shock coming from North Carolina.

I think this is a truck zooming by.  Anyone know what it reads?


That’s the Empire State building, right?

The older I get the more I realize that people have, inside of themselves, a vision of who they are that I am not always privy to.  A collection of events which define them but that I have no access to.  Something I’m chewing on.

I wish I could have known this Nancy and feel honored I am the keeper of her photographs.  In a small way I am learning more about her through these shots.  Thanks Aunt Nancy.


5 Responses to “NYC Vintage Photographs”

  1. Lia Says:

    Those are amazing. I especially love the one of the Empire State building.

  2. MoonDoggie Says:

    I just went to NYC for Christmas (first time) and saw the same sites so I enjoyed seeing them viewed from a different time.
    Didn’t see that truck though. It appears to say:

    Sportland Modes Inc.
    Manufacturers of

  3. Visty Says:

    This is just fabulous. It looks like to me the truck says Sportland Woolens?

  4. Carolyn Says:

    I think that is St Patrick’s Cathedral in the 2nd to last shot. Fabulous pics all, thanks for sharing!!

  5. GlenF52 Says:

    The second to the last shot is Trinity Church Wall Street. Love the photos!

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