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7 things April 10, 2010

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I have been tagged by my much more beautiful, wittier, cooler and way younger blogger friend, Potty Mouth Mama.

Blame her.

1. I have used the word SHAZAM 2 3 times recently on my blog.  Note to self, stop it.

2. I was born in Thailand.  On my first trip back to the United States at around 8 months or so, some lady scolded my mom for traveling with a baby who obviously had the mumps.  I did not.

3.  I hate socks.  I almost never wear socks.  I live in the Northeast.  My feet are often cold.

4.  I do not like the sound of teeth brushing.  You would be surprised how often movies and television depict people doing it.  When I encounter the horrid noise, I stick my fingers in my ears, close my eyes and sing, “I’ve been working on the railroad”.  I hate teeth.

Refuse to illustrate my pain.

Ok, could not resist.  Yuck, right?

5.  I am kind of scared of butterflies.  They always fly at you so janky, seemingly without direction.

6.  I once called 911 because I heard screaming.  It turned out to be my screen saver.

7.  I have squirrels living in my roof.  I do not think they are cute even if Etsy tells me I should. 4,229 results for squirrel.  No thanks.

Notice how I dropped off the photos at the end?

It was that or never publish and since I care about what Potty Mouth thinks of me,  here it is.

I forgot to tag some folks.  Here goes:

1.)  Green Jello, I know you are not posting much these days.  Neither am I.  Just do it.

2.) Visty over at The Rinrins

3.)  Kelly, or Ms Kitsch when you’re thrifty (did you hear Janet Jackson?) when your blog is up and running I would be thrilled if you would do me the honors.  (p.s.- miss you like crazy over at Flickr)

4.)  The Hidden Library, throw your hat into the ring?

5) any and all folks who would like to join.

If I forgot you, forgive me.  I am computer-saturated.


9 Responses to “7 things”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I’m going to make you listen to me brush my teeth to get you back for making me look at that last photo!

  2. Lia Says:

    I hate the sound of people scratching their itchy skin with long or longish fingernails. All I can think about is the flakes of dead skin collecting under their nails and it totally grosses me out.

    I’m scared of moths. Well, not really anymore. But I used to be scared of moths. All because of some weird book or short story I read about some kid who collected moths and pinned them. But one day this giant moth landed on his face covering his nose and mouth. It took him down into the swamp where it was collecting and pinning humans. I was scarred for the next ten years or so.

  3. EmilyKate Says:

    Whoa, that picture…. I had no idea that was possible, let alone someone would want to do such a thing to their face. I live near a college, are all the kids who are sick of ogg plugs gonna start doing this soon?

  4. lexi Says:

    What the heck is that last photo about? it hurt me. it hurt me bad. WHo the heck wants to do that to themselves? It’s like having a porthole in your face. YUCK! I hope he flosses is all I can say. Or is it a girl. I can’t tell.

    I hate hearing my husband floss. It really gets my goat.

    And I can only wear a certain kind of sock. I hate socks feeling all bunched up on my feet. And my feet are always cold, even in Summer. Last year I embraced ugg boots. Ugg boots have been my saviour.

    Thanks for sharing and caring. xxx

  5. Visty Says:

    what the holy f—-

  6. Natalie Says:

    Shazam! Nice post.

    Scary photo…who wants a cookie cutter lodged in their face?! Not me. I love my chompers and I like brushing them.

    Because of you I now have a flying squirrel t-shirt coming to me. I have a thing for squirrels, but that might change if they were living in my house.

    Even though I like brushing my teeth and squirrels I hope we can still be friends.

  7. Holly Says:

    YIKES – scary face hole. can’t imagine having to watch that person chew their food – YUCK!

    A friend of mine once had to call the fire department after she set her apartment on fire while waxing her legs! Luckily no injuries or serious damage…but she has taken some serious ribbing for a decade now.

  8. Complete Stranger Says:

    The mother of that adorable cheeky little baby DOES NOT have curlers in her hair, does she? Almost as bad as the hole in the face person! Funny posting.

  9. Kelly Says:

    What a great list!

    (And I’m not even here to tell you that squirrels are great because once one’s house is involved, they SO are not.)

    I am SO glad that you have that tooth brushing thing too! The hubs does this thing where he’ll brush his teeth for ten minutes (though kudos for extremely good dental hygiene) while walking around the entire house, making the “brusha…brusha” sound. It freaks me out! I’m like, “take that madness behind closed doors where it belongs!”

    And my stars, have you seen that commercial for Clorox wipes where the woman is brushing her teeth with her child and all of a sudden, she splatters spittle all over the mirror and acts completely lackadaisical about it? Every time, I shriek at the TV, “Stop what you are doing and clean that up!”

    Wow, I got on kind of a roll there. Sorry.

    I love that you say, “Shazam!” That’s coolness.

    That lip piercing/gouging photo freaks my freak.

    Keep on rocking!

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