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Mantel January 12, 2010

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I have never lived in a house with a mantel.  I am kind of stumped.  What do you put on the mantel?  Do you rotate collections? 

This is Valentine’s inspired.  Why yes, little astounded 17 year old self, I DO decorate for Valentine’s Day.

Got the tin in a box lot at an auction, cheap.  The striped box is an old record case, FULL of old 45’s.  Including some children’s music with great graphics I am going to put into our shop.

I love all things vintage metal.  Particularly when they are red.  Thrifted at various spots.  Starting a collection.  Wish I had not donated some old ones in the move.

Not mantel related but a follow up on the evolving guest room walls.

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?  Are we dorks?  Leave links!!!  Plus, any mantel advice would be much appreciated.


7 Responses to “Mantel”

  1. Lia Says:

    Our mantel stumps me, too. I have no idea what to put on it or above it for that matter. I’m digging your red display. I love mantels that are covered with a bunch of cool old stuff. But I don’t think I have enough of it. You probably do, though. And, yes, I do sometimes decorate for Valentine’s day, but I’m not feeling it yet. Don’t know if I’m going to put anything up at all this year. If I do, I’ll send you a link.

  2. Valerie Says:

    I’m no help with the mantel (other than Christmas when it holds all of my Christmas Story paraphenlia), but I loved that last pic of the paint-by numbers! I finally picked up some of that fabric this past week (couldn’t believe any place even still had any of it), but I would love to find some true paint-by-numbers eventually to go along with it…

  3. No mantel in this house…I miss it…especially at Christmas. I used it to display vintage family photos mixed in with a few relics that were also family related. Mammy’s snuff box, a wooden box that belonged to Ken’s mother…things like that.
    Have fun!

  4. We moved into this house last year and suddenly have a mantel, with 3 little boys there are very few places that are out of reach where I can display things so I tend to rotate stuff on ours so I get to see all my favourite stuff, love your collections.

  5. Visty Says:

    On our mantel I have in the center, a handmade brass kaleidoscope and a little enamel dish of glass marbles; on either side of that I have silver photo frames; on either side of those I have tall black iron candlesticks. I love me some mantle symmetry. During Halloween and Christmas I take that stuff off and decorate. But in general, it’s a rather simplistic place. Above it is a large framed poster.

  6. Eartha Says:

    I can NOT believe that it took me this long to realize that all of the flashcards equal out to the number two for Valentine’s Day! You are one clever chick! (and I failed math more than once)

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