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Bathroom Redo August 28, 2009

Before we Bought it:


The bathroom wasn’t properly vented, which I thought meant a fan but it means something I don’t quite understand about the pipes and gas and stuff.  So we had to take it to the studs



After (but not quite done):

Under the StairsWe got the Cole & Sons wallpaper (I’m the last to jump on the bandwagon, I’m a big girl so I run walk slowly).  I also would like to add that the periwinkle step thing is also a “before”.  On the list of things to rectify.

I bought if from Rose & Radish and I have to say the owner, Cate, was delightful to talk with over the phone.

Smallest Sink we Could Find

It was my husband’s idea to do the “grass” tiles.  We love it!

Tiny sink

Not quite done, still have to install the super cool mirror I scored on ebay and put in a handle.  But I could not wait to share!

Where the Wild Things Are

Hard to take a photo  inside the tiny bathroom but you get the idea.  We were going for a secret little woodland world under the stairway.

Edit to add: Want to acknowledge the other players on the team -wish we were DIYers but we’re really not.  Our contractor is AMAZING.  He thought of things I would never have like mimicking the trim around the door so it relates with the rest of the house and the baseboard molding, nice touch.   My husband had the idea for the grass flooring and our contractor hunted a distributor down.  I love that my husband trusts my instincts but also brings so much to the creation of our home.


Thanks for all the kind words.  I am embarrassed to admit how good it feels to read them.


25 Responses to “Bathroom Redo”

  1. Ellen B. Says:

    Wow! This little bathroom is much improved and looks great! I’m interested in those grass tiles. It’s difficult to see from the photo…is it vinyl or actually shag carpet? I LOVE the color!

  2. Holly Says:

    I love that you have managed to put so much fun and personality into this tiny space! Congratulations! I really like the sweet “lipstick red” woodland creature.

  3. Tracey that was an amazing transformation. I love the walpaper and the tile is perfect. Can’t wait to see all the other finishing touches as you go.

  4. Natalie Says:

    That is a fantastic redo!

    I am loving the wall paper and may have to put that on my closet doors.

    great job.

  5. Liz Says:

    I saw this and then I died. But I died happy.

  6. katiekatkat Says:

    i think you are getting close to apartment therapy submission ready….

  7. lexi Says:

    Tracey, this is seriously awesome! How exciting!! This little (important) room is incredible, I love it, love the wallpaper, love the tiles, love the basin, everything. Would love to see the mirror and the handle, but man oh man, you have missed your calling. I’d like to move in. I can sleep upright.

  8. Valerie Says:

    Love it! That would be such fun to be a guest at your house, pop in under the stairs and discover a quirky little bathroom like that. I love the wallpaper and the grass tiles. 🙂

  9. Alexis Says:

    Fantastic! Could you come to help decorate my house?

  10. Paige Says:

    Ooooo. OOOOO! That is just such a cool bathroom! I love the little red deer atop the potty. Sweet!

    • Thanks – the little metal red deer is actually one part of a set of bookends. I had them in my Etsy shop, bartered with my brother and he had them but I wanted them back for the bathroom so I bought them back. That’s not a very finely crafted sentence. But the little fawns are cute as heck.

  11. REALLY love it! Very original and lovely idea to have a secret little woodland under the stairs.

  12. Lia Says:

    Oh. I love it. I am sighing with deep, deep jealousy. Can you hear it?

  13. Complete Stranger Says:

    Having been one of the first tinklers in this guest bathroom, I have to say that you and your guy have created a work of art! It really is an amazing space. It is a tiny space with HUGE creativity. A great collaboration from you both.

  14. Crystal Says:


    I love your bathroom. Can I come stay in it? 😉

  15. Fantastic! Love, love, LOVE it! The “astroturf” rug is brilliant. Now I’m wanting a small space to get some fab wallpaper.

  16. Visty Says:

    Holy Secret Garden, Batman!!! I am stunned with the perfection of this.

  17. cindy Says:

    love love love it!!! so cool.. and your attic looks great as well. I love these posts

  18. Sarah Says:

    I know it has been said but that tiny bathroom is fantastic.

  19. Wow- that’s a really cool bathroom. I love the wall decor and looks like a perfect wall mounted sink for a smaller space, nice to meet your blog! 😉

  20. Oh dear – I actually have bathroom lust. Fabulous job.

  21. David Lamb Says:

    Dear Half Bath Rehab family,
    My name is David Lamb. I have a 1926 Craftsman bungalow in Sanford, Florida. We are in the crisis stage of a total bathroom rehab on our first floor Jack & Jill bath. When I googled ‘Small Bathroom Sink’ your blog was one of the sites I found. Where did you get your sink? I ‘need’ a very shallow, wall mount sink and would love an off-white fixture theme. If you have any information that could help me please email me.
    Question 2: I see you have wallpaper on walls and no backsplash behind sink. How is the moisure issue and how is wallpaper holding up? Just asking crazy questions because we all work so hard to bring these houses forward.
    Thanks and keep up the great rehab.

  22. Anna Says:

    Hi there, I stumbled on this makeover completely by accident and am so inspired! I have a question – what are the dimensions you are working with? It looks so tiny, and I’m now thinking maybe my idea of The World’s Tiniest Powder Room on my main floor isn’t just a pipe dream.

    Thanks so much!

  23. Kay Harris Says:

    Love it where did you get the sink?

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