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Name Drop August 26, 2009

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I am lucky enough to have met Mimi a couple of times and to have checked out her amazing studio.  The first time I met her, she doesn’t remember.  It was a street art fair in Somerville.  I drooled over one of her little baby bean dolls (she probably does not call them that).  I have also spend a considerable amount of time wishing I had thought of the tattooed men dolls first.

Her work is spirited and cool and I hope I win that damn tea cup!


3 Responses to “Name Drop”

  1. I loved the YouTube presentation. She really has some unique dolls. Can’t wait to see some pictures of you house! I can’t believe that your mother didn’t take any pictures!

  2. Complete Stranger Says:

    I bet the mother is not as good a photographer as the owner of the great new house! Well, I not only bet that, I know that! Plus she was probably having such a great time with the grandkids, that she totally forgot to take photos! I loved this YouTube presentation of the dolls. Those tattoo dolls are wonderful.

  3. Mimi K Says:

    Thanks so much, Tracey!

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