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Coming Along August 20, 2009

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Craft Room Closet Door

You are looking at my craft room closet door.  I decoupaged vintage sewing pattern tissue on the door, I had planned to put in on the back of the shelves but switched plans to something easier and ultimately, I felt, more impactful.  I found the blue door on the curb, didn’t paint it.  Found it, put on for trash, that beautiful color with amazing hardware.  It’s too wide for the craft room doorway so I’ve got to cut it down to size.  I have big plans for that door, so stay tuned!

I hung the antlers from my Pop on the closet door to hold all my thrifted hoops.  I don’t embroider but my old craft room had lots of fabric filled embroidery hoops.   I am feeling them as they are this time around.


I forgot to announce the winner of the Name That Fish Contest:

And the winner is, Sharon with: Fishel: Yiddish name meaning little fish.   The boys had other favorites (Natalies‘ Phinneas was a favorite because of Phinneas and Ferb) and there were some good ones (Visty’s Swordid was my second favorite).  But since the fish will be hanging in my craft room I felt I should decide.  So Fishel it is.  Made me laugh,  like the idea of crafting under an old Jewish swordfish.

So I will be sending out some gee gaws and doo dads to you Sharon in a less than timely manner!  Wait for it!


6 Responses to “Coming Along”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Sweet! I am honored, and will come visit Fishel ASAP 🙂 Love the blue door. The curbs of your city are teeming with treasures!

  2. How cute is that door! Love, love it. Pop would be proud to see his deer horns hanging on your door. Only wish we had salvaged more of them. Who would have thunk? But glad that you at least got one. I still think there is another one around here somewhere…when I find it I will save it for you!

  3. Natalie Says:

    I like the way the craft room is shaping up. The antler hoop holders are my favorite.

    Fishel…all right. Its offishal..heehaw.

  4. Eartha Says:

    Congratulations to Sharon!

    The color on that blue door is amazing.

  5. Complete Stranger Says:

    The Craft Room in person is truly amazing! And the new bathroom is a work of art….really. Take a photo and post. Amazing.

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